Ask Dr. G – Bickering Siblings

Parents with more than one child are probably all too familiar with this week’s topic in our Ask Dr. G podcast series: bickering siblings. In this episode, Dr. G tells us not only is this behavior normal, but it’s actually teaching kids valuable lessons.

Ask Dr. G – If You Can Do It, Why Can’t I?

Parenting expert Dr. G is tackling a tough one. This time, she’s addressing the age old question: If you can do it, why can’t I? At some point, all parents will face this dilemma. How can you tell your children “do as I say, not as I do?”

Ask Dr. G – When Kids Shy Away From PDA

Dr. G is back, this time answering a question parents are bound to face at one point or another: What to do when your child doesn’t want you to kiss or hug them in public, or worse – in front of their friends.

Ask Dr. G – Family Nakedness

Dr. G’s free parenting podcast series continues, and this episode is a great one. Dr. G answers the question of family nakedness – who, how much, and how long.

Kids and TV- Limiting Screen Time – Ask Dr. G Podcast

How bad is screen time and television for your kids? pretty bad according to Dr. G. It doesn’t stop with TV though, there are now many screens in our kids lives such as phones, ipads, laptops etc. How much of this technology is good for our kids? Dr. G has the answer in this two part series […]

Ask Dr. G – Parenting Style and the 4 R’s

[podcast][/podcast] The Ask Dr. G free parenting podcast series with Dr. Deborah Gilboa continues. Parenting style is next on the menu. Listen here to find out more about Dr. G’s parenting style and philosophy. Have a question of your own? Feel free to call 888-9-ASK-DR-G or email any time you like.

Toddler Behavior: Potty Training Tips and Advice – Ask Dr. G Podcast

[podcast][/podcast] This Mama is having issues with her mostly potty trained toddler not pooping the potty and is sick of cleaning poopy undies! Toddler potty training is the holy grail of parenthood and Dr. G has some tips and advice on getting your tot trained. Here are Dr. G’s potty training tips: Don’t compare your […]

Toddler Behavior: Sleep and Bedtime Tips and Advice – Ask Dr. G Podcast

[podcast][/podcast] This Mama had a great sleeper once and now he will no longer go down for a nap or bedtime without a fight. Everyone in the house is stressed and tired. They need some help! Most kids need 14 hours a day of sleeping so make sure that your toddler gets what they need. […]

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