About Queens Mamas

Queens Mamas is an online resource and social community built by parents for parents. Through our website, events, and social media hubs, we have built a community where parents can connect with their neighborhood. We use local experts and real parent reviews to give you the inside scoop on what is the best in your borough.

Transparency About Our Ads:

Queens Mamas is a free local resource for parents online that takes many hours of writing and graphic design to operate. We are local mothers who spend time creating an online environment that reflects your community and we are able to provide this information to you with the support of our advertisers who help cover the cost of running our website. You will see advertising in the sidebar of our website and occasionally, a sponsored post or email that promotes a business or event. We charge a fee for these services to cover the costs of writing the article and presenting it to you. We do not share your personal information with these advertisers nor do we write false reviews in exchange for free products.

We hope to encourage and support of our local businesses and take great care when considering who will advertise on our site. At times, we have turned away potential advertisers who we have not felt were appropriate for our community. Spending money locally is good for the environment and the economy and for this reason, we try to support as many local businesses as we can. We also try to visit our advertisers to ensure that they are a business that we would recommend to you.

With every click on the Queens Mamas website, you join our commitment to supporting local communities. By educating yourself here our website you choose to strengthen the economic base of your neighborhood. By visiting the businesses who advertise here, you ensure that Queens Mamas will be here for years to come. Please do your best to support the businesses on this website as they are a part of your family too.