Our Mission:  To provide students of all ages a program of progressive training in all forms of dance and cultural education.

Recreational and pre-professional classes at Astoria Dance Centre are designed to ensure correct technique and placement and each student is assigned to a class best suited to her or his age and stage of development. All ADC faculty members either hold University Degrees or are Certified Dance Educators.

Classes at the Centre consist of Dance Together for 2’s and 3’s with Mom or Dad (10 week sessions); Pre-School Dance (3 to 4 year olds), Pre-Dance (4 to 5 years); Ballet, Tap/Jazz Combo Classes and Hip Hop for ages 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 8-9; and Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz , Hip Hop and Acting for ages 10 through teens.

Astoria Dance Centre also offers a Broadway Bound Class which consists of singing, acting and dance for ages 8-12 years along with piano, guitar and voice lessons. The Centre also offers a July summer program.

Students may participate in Astoria Dance Centre’s Annual Performances, and more advanced students along with the ADC Performance Team have the opportunity to perform with the School throughout the year.

A Dancer’s Closet is an on-site Capezio Retail Store conveniently located on the 1st floor of 42-16 28th Avenue in Astoria.  www.adancerscloset.net  718-278-1527

Astoria Dance Centre Inc.
41-16 28th Avenue Floors 1 & 2
Astoria, NY 11103
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School Hours
August through September 13
Mondays through Thursdays 3:00 – 8:00 PM
September 15 through June 2014
Tuesdays through Fridays 3:30-8:00 PM
Saturdays 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM
Sundays Noon – 5:00 PM

“Jessica really enjoys dance – I catch her tapping around the house to music she hums all the time! Performing to me is very important in developing confidence and presentation skills. Jessica turns ten today. Thank you to all of you for helping her achieve this milestone.”  Mayra D.

“Thank you for giving Lesley the opportunity to attend Astoria Dance Centre, it has been a memorable experience that Lesley will cherish forever…. “ Sonia T.

“Thank you!! Maureen Astoria Dance Centre has brought together so many people that have made life long bonds! We love you!! “Angela K.

“Congratulations to you, Tony and your staff for another terrific show. We truly enjoy it so much! It’s great seeing the progression of the dancers. This ADC Annual event is now a part of our tradition.”  Melba V.

“Hey, that was a great show yesterday. Congratulations to all, I was so impressed with everyone, including the nice girls backstage who helped us out with newbie stuff.  Thank you, ADC!” Laura B.

Additional Information for Parents
If most dance studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers who have experience teaching children and a big show at the end of the year, aren’t they all pretty much the same? Does it really matter which place you decide to enroll at? YES. There are 4 main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives. Here are the 4 things that every parent should consider before deciding on a dance studio for their child.

1. What are the qualifications of the instructors?
It is important to make sure that your child’s instructors are qualified and experienced. Dance instructors are not licensed in this country so basically anyone can teach dance. Our instructors have professional dance training, hold university degrees in dance or related fields or are members of national dance organizations. Our instructors follow a syllabus (study or reference guide) for all of our classes so that they know what to teach, when to teach it and how to teach it.

2. What should I look for in a dance facility?
A dance facility should provide a spacious clean, neat and safe environment. The facility should offer amenities such as a reception area, view windows for observation of classes, full length mirrors, ballet barres and changing rooms. Our facility offers all of the above.

3. What type of dance floor is used?
Dance is a very physical activity that requires a lot of jumping which can put stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support so the shock of dance movement can place a lot of pressure on the feet, ankles, shins, knees and backs of dancers. The best way to prevent against potential injury is by choosing a studio that has a floor that is not directly on top of concrete. Our floors have the proper sub flooring with Stagestep’s timestep flooring on top to reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired.

4. Can I get immediate assistance and customer service?
In many studios the teacher or the studio owner conducts classes and does the administration. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer as the teacher has to use class time for customer service issues, or the studio may have no customer service available if the teacher is in a class. To have a good experience it is important to choose a studio that can assist you with details like schedules, dancewear and customer service even if a teacher is occupied in a class. Our studios have office staff on hand during all regular class times, so you can get immediate assistance.

At Astoria Dance Centre, we believe that every child should be taught in a good facility, by the best instructors available and have fun doing it! If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us. 718-278-1567