Birthday Party Idea for Tweens and Teens

3591867067_2d11eefa0f After
spending year after year and dollar after dollar on party places for my
daughter’s birthday, I decided to have an at home recession proof 10th birthday
party. It was a huge success. The kids are not at all used to having at home
parties anymore so it turned out to be quite a novel idea. I say bring back the
at home birthday!

Movie Birthday

The basic principle is that the kids arrive and are given an
envelope with $100 (in fake money) to spend at the party. This money buys them
their snacks, drinks, candy and gift bags for the rest of the evening. They
will have opportunities to make more money by winning games that are played.
You must make sure that all the kids are making enough money to spend and no
one is totally broke. You also will use the money to buy your movie ticket if
you are showing one.  We picked
Ghostbusters for the kids to watch. This part of the party was the only time
that the kids were bored.  They didn’t
have enough to do and they preferred to run around the house, so we let them.
Here are the other elements and games which all of them enjoyed very much:


Each game takes approximately 20min to play.


Movie Prop Game – Draw names from a hat and divide
the party up into teams of about 3 kids each. Then hand out bags (we used
laundry bags) filled with about 4 props such as an old cell phone, a notebook,
a funny hat, a toy sword, etc. Give the kids 10 minutes to come up with a short
skit to perform. We filmed the skits and then replayed them and gave out awards
like “best stunt”, “best script” etc.


Celebrity Bingo – save this image on your computer
and print out as many as you have guests. You can use coins as your markers.
Reserve one card to cut up so you can draw the images out of a cup. We must
have played this 5 times before they got tired of it.

Maxs Bingo copy 

Guess Who – Print out pictures of their
favorite celebrities or movie characters on 8×10 papers.  Have masking tape handy.  One child stands up at the front of the room
while you tape a picture to his/her back. 
The child must then guess who is on their back while their friends give
yes or no answers and hints.  We had a 20
question limit for each kid. They all thought this game was really funny.

Decorations and Food: Red and Black color theme –  We found a cheap red carpet runner and ran it
down our hallway We bought 1 package of red balloons, one “party decorations
pack” and some old fashioned popcorn containers for our local party supply
store. We set up a concession stand made from our coffee table that we turned
on its side and hung signs for the kids to buy their own drinks and snacks. The
choice is yours to include movie style candy and popcorn. We did and the kids
loved it. We served cupcakes instead of cake. Be creative! Put up old movie
posters or anything film related to get the kids in the mood.