Cheap Prenatal Workout in Queens- Swimming

Pool at the Flushing Meadows Aquatic Center

For 75$ and some self motivation you can get a great prenatal workout for your entire pregnancy. It’s the self motivation part that got me too but at 8 months pregnant I am still able to get my butt off the couch. The benefits of swimming during pregnancy are endless, developing good muscle tone, you can exercise your lungs and practice your breathing, less back pain, it is low impact, and it keeps your body temp down while you work out. The Flushing Meadow Aquatic Center has a lap pool and a great section for swimming with your tot as well. The Pool is open from 6:30am to 10pm daily so you can go at any time though during the day is the least busy. Here are the details:

The pool is set up in 3 sections. Lap swim, Open Swim, and Diving. Lap swim are a group of lanes that are labeled fast, medium, and slow. A maximum of 6 people are allowed in a lane at a time. You can just pick your speed and jump in. At first it is a little intimidating but you get used to it quickly. Open swim is in the 3 foot area and is just one big pool. There are families, old people, and individuals of all kinds swimming around. This area is good if you have little ones. Exercises like running in place and leg lifts are good things to do in this area. I sometimes go with my 10 year old during open swim hours. She goes in the open swim area and I swim laps. If you can go during the week, the pool is EMPTY (see photo ) and you will practically have it to yourself. There are always at least 3 lifeguards on duty and the place is generally clean and friendly.

My workout consists of 20 minutes of lap swimming and if I am feeling motivated I will go to the open swim area and run in place for another 10. It is recommended that you get about 150 minutes of exercise per week when you are pregnant so the more you do, the less often you have to go.

This is a public pool and there are a few things to know before you go.

How to get a membership:

You must go to the recreation center across the street and fill out a one sheet registration. They will take your photo and give you a card. You have to pay the 75$ registration fee by credit card. This process should take about 15 minutes depending on when you go. Odviously the weekends can get a little crazy so try and go during the week.

What to bring:

A swim cap and lock – you cannot get into the center without them. I bought mine at Sports Authority for less than 20$ for both. They also sell them at the aquatic center but they are more expensive.

Towels – try to bring a towel with a tag or tab to hang it up. There are hooks in the pool area but they are small and it helps to have a tab.

Flip flops – you will need these. Not nice ones, because they will get wet. It is a public pool and it makes me feel better to have a barrier between me and the floor.


Shower gel – They have showers so if you want to wash up afterwards it helps to have some shower gel.

Face Cream – the chlorine in the pool dried out my skin to I brought my face cream with me to put on after I swim.

How to get there:

Do your research in this area. The Center is not easy to get to. I found that the easiest way to go was drive and there is free parking but look at a map before you go.

Driving: Grand Central Parkway (GCP) East to the Flushing Meadows Corona Park exit; bear right at bottom of ramp; continue right for park facilities.

Grand Central Parkway (GCP) West to Exit 9P. Turn Left for park facilities. Follow the park road past the tennis courts and the Aquatic Center will be on your right.

By Bus: Q48 to Roosevelt Avenue and Willets Point Station.

By Subway: 7 train to Willets Point/Shea Stadium; E, F, V, R trains to 71st Avenue, then take the Q65A bus.


Web Site: – you can click on the schedule and then the day that you want to go to check times for open swim and lap swim.