Reading Between The “Fines” – A Moms Definition of the Words “I’m Fine”

I have found myself saying these words over and over again lately. Maybe it’s because of my pregnancy, maybe it’s just a sense that nobody can do anything about my present situation so we all just have to sit it out. My husband hears these two dreaded words and it sends him into a tizzy “you’re not fine!” he says and proceeds to have a fit over what could possibly be wrong and how to fix it.

I hope that I speak for all women here when I say that the words” I’m Fine” could mean many things. 1. That we really are just fine and everybody should stop worrying. 2. That whatever has been done is done and we have no control over the outcome. 3. That everything is NOT fine but we are lying to ourselves and possibly our family about our feelings. For me it’s mostly number 2, I have realized that I do not rule the world (no matter how much I would like to) and I cannot control the actions of others (no matter how much I would like to) so I must accept that things will happen that I am not happy about, especially within my family. The words “I’m Fine” reassure me that I really AM fine and will be able to handle whatever outcome is presented to me.  I may not be fine in the moment that I utter these two damning words, but I hope to be. I hope that by telling myself, or sometimes my husband, that I am FINE will convince myself that I will have the strength and resolve to handle whatever pile of crap is flung my way.