A Guide to Flushing Queens NY

Flushing mall 3 It is the biggest part of Queens and usually the most avoided. Until today I had spent very little time in Flushing for many reasons, the crowds, traffic, lack of parking, smell, and general feel left little to be desired. But not today, today I forged into unknown territory and was pleasantly surprised. I focused this profile on a few small areas as Flushing’s size can be overwhelming and you don’t want to move your car if you have driven there. Here it is:

Food and Treats

Sentosa – This is where I ate. It has malaysian cuisine and is located on a low traffic street in Flushing. The food ranged from Spicy Malaysian Noodles to simple Beef with Broccoli. They also had a Pineapple Fried Rice that looked delicious but I didn’t go for it. The seating was comfy and clean and lunch for 2 cost us only 17$. I love it. The only catch, cash only.IMG_7029

Sago Tea Cafe – This bubble tea cafe has a take out window and a good selection of slushies and bubble tea.

Things to Do with Kids

If just walking around and feeling that you are literally in a different country isn’t your speed then head 2 blocks north on Prince to 38th ave to the Flushing Mall. Here are a few things you will find.

Flushing mall 9 Urban Couture – This tiny boutique is a hip and trendy toy store with a talking photo booth in the entry. We found some amazing pillow cases inside as well as toys galore.

Toy Qube - Also a toy store. This one’s novelty items are toy vending machines that spit out mini japanese toys for the little ones.

Noble Angel - This is a fantasy dress up photo studio for kids. The children are able to pick out a dress up outfit and then they are photographed in a fantasy background. Super Fun! We love dress up in our house.

3D Cartoon Drawing- The name is a bit deceiving but this ceramic painting studio allows kids to paint a figurine and take it home with them. Flushing mall 5

Chess School – The description is in the name but if your little ones are interested players you can sit down for a quick game.

Chinese Harp Music Center - A place to see old fashioned Chinese harps. They are interesting and beautifully made.

Flushing Mall 133-31 39th Ave Flushing NY 718-886-5814


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