Sleep When The Baby Sleeps – And Other Stupid Advice

IMG_6024I had forgotten until recently how much bad advice is out there about parenting and baby care. Today we will be discussing the "Sleep When The Baby Sleeps" message that is splattered across every parenting magazine in the country.

I know all too well how much sleep I need compared to how much sleep my daughter allows me to have and let me tell you, it is ugly. I am tired and worn down but considering how little free time I have, sleeping is not high on my list of things to get done. Down time is far more important to me than sleep. I didn't sleep in high school or college, and I am confident that I can tap into whatever kept me going during midterms in order to get through 4am feedings.

If I sleep when my daughter sleeps I not only get way too much sleep but I am robbing myself of the valuable time that I have been given to mentally recover and feel normal again. Read a trashy romance novel, give yourself a facial, do your roots, whatever. Just make sure that you are leaving enough awake time to take time for you.