What The Heck Is Baby Wearing Anway?

IMG_6102When a baby is screaming one will do almost anything to make them stop, this includes wearing them. The very last thing I want to do after carrying this bundle for 40 weeks is carry her a little more but here I find myself ready to strap on the sling. I have heard this referred to as the fourth trimester.

Over the past 2 weeks I have learned a thing or two about this whole baby wearing thing and it's not bad stuff. The benefits of wearing ones baby are numerous. Less crying, better baby bonding, less crying, etc. Here are some resources for this new craze in parenting. Enjoy !

The Baby Wearer - This is like the official site of Baby Wearing. There is tons of info here.

Attachment Parenting International

What Dr Sears Has To Say – He is a big fan

Adventures In Babywearing Blog

Wear Your Baby – This site has instructions on how to put your baby into different slings without dropping them on the floor (important)

Make Your Own Baby Sling- For the DIY inspired (I was one of them) this site has a super easy pattern and instructions on making your own sling. Save yourself the $65 if you can.

Hot Slings – For those who just want to buy a sling. These come in all kinds of cute patterns and sizes

And for those of you who like a little karmic kick back, strap the sling on Daddy. He can finally feel what it's like to have a watermelon strapped to his chest.