Breastfeeding Support in Queens

Breastfeeding2 There is very little support for women who want to breastfeed and the opinions are varied. For every question  asked you will get 5 answers in return. The bottom line is that the choice to breastfeed is a personal one and something that needs to be supported. Here are some local resources and information.

Breast Pump Rental and Purchases

There are several kinds of breast pumps, some which are better to rent than buy.

Medela’s site shows you where to buy and rent their products. This is the brand that I have.

Ameda is also another company that many women use.

Breastfeeding Support and Consutation

The La Leche League is an international support group for nursing women. Their Queens Group meet on a monthly basis.

Catherine Watson Jenna is a nationally recognized author and consultant who works out of Queens

Pamphlets on Breastfeeding

Books on Breastfeeding

Here is a list of Local Lactation Consultants

Good Luck. It can be a very difficult start but take my word for it, breastfeeding is an incredibly rewarding experience.