Decorating a Baby Nursery

If you are preparing a nursery there are many choices as to how to spand lots and lots of money! We have some frugal and cool alternatives for you below and things that will make your like easier….we promise!


A nursery should have plenty of storage. You have probably collected many gifts upon the arrival of your little one that you may not need for a while. It is useful to have little fabric bins not only for storage but also for portable changing stations around the house.

Laundry Hamper

Baby hampers can be really ugly and not too functional. Since you don’t  want to mix poopy clothing with your postpartum attire you should have a good hamper. There is a good selection in the Bed Bath and Beyond garbage can area and they look cool too. Even a small office sized pail will do the trick for your little ones clothes.

Night Light from Boon

Whether the baby is sleeping with you or in a separate room, plan for some good low lighting in either place. No one wants to wake up at 3am to a bright over head light. Keep a small lamp close by or a plug in wall light for your own night time sanity.

Comfy Seating

Forget your grandmother’s wooden rocking chair and get yourself something comfy. Soft apholstry and pillows are a must. You will be feeding you baby in this for a long time so make it a good one. I would splurge on a La z Boy if you have the space.

Non Essentials

However cute, wallpaper, curtains, and $300 crib bedding are not really for the baby. They are for you. Be realistic about what you need and what you want. Keep things simple so that you have plenty of space to live comfortably with your new baby. Your house will fill up soon enough.

Ways To Save

Buy Used – There are plenty of Moms who are looking to get rid of lightly used baby items. I bought a year’s worth of baby clothing for my daughter for $100 from a mom who was having a new boy instead of the girl she already had. Score!

DIY – Old sheets make great burp cloths and rags. They are throwing up on them anyway..

Stay Out of the Baby Section – Adult furniture can suit a baby just fine. Little side tables with drawers make great dressers for half the price.