Recycled School Supplies – Going Green On The Way Back To School

 My daughter's school supply list is full of requests for paper and plastic. I have decided to minimise our impact on the enviroment when buying new school supplies. First we went through what was left over from last year and there was a surprising amount that we could use. What has to be bought again or bought new like paper towels, pens, and pads can all be bought recycled. Another great way to save your sanity and the enviroment is to buy your supplies online, no waiting in line at Staples and no money spent on gas.

Here is Queens Mamas picks for cute Back to School Gear:

Recycled backpack 2 

Peace Sign Recycled Backpack - Made from recycled plastic bottles

Recycled backpack 1 

Messenger Bag – Made of rice bags

Recycled back to school 

Back To School Bundle – all recycled of course


Recycled Composition Book

Ecojot folder 

EcoJot Folders

Ecojot notebooks 

Cutest Noteboks %100 Recycled

Recycled pencil case 

Fun Pecil Case

Recycled pencil case 1 

Laffy Taffy Pencil Case

If you don't have the time to buy the absolute cutest gear speeratley then check out below for an easier eco option.

Places to buy it all:

Red Apple Supply – Has a great selection of eco friendly school supplies

QueensMamas Store – shop for our picks at our Amazon Store