Bake Sale Ideas

It’s Bake Sale season again and if you are like me, you make your best attempt to bake something in between paying bills and cleaning the house. Since I simply cannot bring myself to send my daughter to school with a carton of Enteman’s here are my solutions. The key to making great bake sale items is to consider things that can be cut up or served in mini sections for mini people.

God Bless Betty Crocker

An oldie but a goodie, Betty has a ton of recipes on her web site for such a bake sale occasion.


Betty crocker brownie pops

Brownie Pops


The great thing about their pre made options is you can still turn on the oven and not feel guilty. Or you can opt for this delicious looking morsel.


Pilsbury peanut butter cup cookie

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

The Simple Solutions

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels are super easy. Just melt some Hershey’s in a pot, dip pretzel sticks in, and voila! Add some sprinkles if you are feeling fancy


Frosting Filled Cookie Sandwiches. What could possibly be better than cookies and frosting?


Forsting filled cokies

And of course there is always the good old fashioned Rice Krispy Treat if you have the sudden urge to destroy your kitchen.