A Day Trip To Stew Leonards


There are many awesome things to do in Queens however some days one just needs a little bit more fresh air than it can offer. I recently took the family up to Stew Leonards up in Yonkers. Why take your family on a day trip to the supermarket one might ask ? well, it is a two birds one stone kind of event. If you have never been to Stew Leonards then you will discover that it is so much more then just a grocery store and is slightly reminiscent of the “It’s a small world” ride at Disney. October/ November is the best time to go since the entire front lot is covered with pumpkins and bails of hay. You can pick your own pumpkin and go on dollar hay rides right outside the store. There is an area to get soft serve ice cream hot dogs if you haven’t already filled up on the tone of free samples of things like apple cider doughnuts sausage and peppers. There are people in costume and anamatronic puppets in the dairy section playing music for you while you do your food shopping with your very well entertained family in tow. It is well worth the tip up north if only to do your shopping in peace.

Directions to Stew:

Take the Triboro Bridge and follow signs for the Major Deegan/ 87 North. Take 87 North to exit 6A which is conveniently named Stew Leonard Drive and follow signs. It takes about 20 minutes no traffic.