Mommy and Me at the Cross Island Y


Good Morning Queens Mamas.  Today I figured I would blog about my Tuesday Mommy and Me Gym/Swim.  What's so special about Tuesdays you ask?  Tuesdays are always my most busy day. I prepare breakfast for my youngest son and it's off to the Cross Island Y we go for Mommy and Me Gym/Swim.   The class starts in the large gym where they have set up an indoor playground and gymnastics arena with plastic mazes, ball pits, tire swings, see-saws and so much more.  

Parents and children are required to remove their shoes at the door.  It is always a fight between my son and I just to remove his shoes.  He gets so excited and does not want to waste any of his playtime.  Kids are allowed to play for about twenty minutes before called together for circle time.  Personally I can never get my son to go in the circle he always cries and if I do get him to the circle it's not for long.  He refuses to keep his playful spirit at bay.  The instructor of circle time is so understanding and tells me to just let him play and not to force him to come to the circle.  Immediately following our time in the gym we are excused to go to the locker room to get ourselves and our children dressed for the pool.  (It is recommended that the parent comes from home with swim gear on under clothes.)  I rarely have issues with my son when it comes to the pool.  Both he and I often race to see who makes it to the pool first.  It's been over a year since we have been participants of Mommy and Me Gym/Swim and you cannot tell my son a thing when it comes to him and swimming.  At two years old my son confidently jumps from the edge towards the center of the pool disregarding my outstretched arms.  RUN, RUN, RUN is what my son does (which is how babies and toddlers are initially taught to swim) towards all the floating fish in the pool grabbing as many as his hands can hold.  He then swims to the side of the pool dropping off all of his caught fish and going back out to get more.  My son continues this for the remainder of the class occasionally playing with the other kids in the water until we are called in for circle time by the swim instructor.  During circle time we sing nursery songs that have been adapted to water play and practice various swim movements with our kids such as splashing, back stroke, front crawl etc.  We then sing our goodbye song and head back to the locker room to get dried and changed.  Once we are all dried and changed it's time to head back home and eat lunch and take a short nap before we are off to get my daughter and eldest son only to head back to the Cross Island YMCA and take them to their Gymnastics and Swim classes(details on their classes will be in another blog at a later time)- and the fun starts all over again.

Posted By K. James