On The Hunt For Good Kids Shoes

Shoes There are few things in a mother’s life quite like shoe shopping with one’s children. If you could suck the joy out of a women’s favorite thing it would be going to the Macy’s shoe section with your 2 year old and trying on dress shoes. Lord help you.

Shoe wearing, like teeth brushing and face washing is part of being a kid and the importance of buying the right kind is paramount. The types of shoe your little ones wear will help shape their foot as they grow and assist in their posture and walk. There are 26 bones and a ton of muscles and ligaments in the foot which take an entire childhood to develop. Make sure that you are equip with the tools you need to get your kids started on the right foot.

Tips for buying little shoes:

· Always buy a shoe that is the proper size for your child. Shoes that are too big may cause accidents and may impede their walking skills

· Socks are as important as shoes. Make sure they are not too big or small to avoid bunching or blisters.

· Getting kids to use laces and buckles is an uphill struggle, but don't let them force their feet in and out of shoes without unfastening them. Sometimes hook and loop fastenings can make life easier for everyone, and they make older children feel grown up because they are putting on their own shoes

· Shoes which are styled to take on the natural shape of the foot are good for young kids. For a toddler this should be wide at the toe and narrow at the heel.

· Shoes made from, and lined with, breathable materials are best for children.

Useful links for little feet:

· Startrite Shoes is an online community for parents and a leading international children’s shoe retailer. They have a GREAT site which features a shoe fitting guide called “click n fit” where you can download a grid and watch videos on how to properly fit your kids for their shoes. This is far more appealing to me than watching an in store temper tantrum. They also have an advice section where you can see exactly what to look for when picking out shoes for any age and stage of your child’s development. Last but not least they have a good selection of boy’s shoes, girl’s shoes, and pre walkers.

· PediPed whose tag line is “the next best thing to bare feet” is a good online source for baby and toddler shoes.

· Preschoolians have a site where you can customize your baby shoes in whatever color and fabric you want. The designs are totally fun.

Go shoe shopping armed with the tools you need to get the job done quick. Kids don’t like shopping anymore than you like making them go. Happy hunting.