Fear Has A Name – Ice Skating

Kids ice skating
My family history if full of Ice Skating disasters but none better than when my oldest daughter kicked me in the leg with her skate in an attempt to climb her way up my body. It never ceases to amaze me at how badly I stink at this sport yet my kids love it and seasonally drag me to some form of treacherous outing on Ice. I shouldn’t be so negative however, it is great cardio after all and it does get them out of the house. Queens has two beautiful Ice Skating rinks that are great for all sorts of winter outings. They both hold figure skating and hockey lessons and have frequent open sessions. World ice arena The World Ice Arena
is located inside of Flushing Meadow Park and is attached to the Aquatic Center. They have everything from birthday parties to private lessons and the place has plenty of seating for the not so adventerous parent. The other rink is the City Ice Pavilion in Long Island City. It is located by LaGuardia College and the opening to the 59th Street Bridge.City ice They also host parties and have lessons for the budding figure skaters and Wayne Gretskys.  If seeing people skate around is more your style then check out the World Ice Arena’s upcoming events  section for a list of figure skating performances.