Mocha Moms in Springfield Gardens

As a woman, mother and wife I struggle with finding a balance of “me time, kid/parenting time and husband time.”  Everybody wants a piece of my time but what about me? 

The importance and benefits of spending time with myself are known, however it is so easy to get caught up catering to everyone else that before you know it the day is gone and the only time you have to yourself are the ones you get when going to the bathroom if you are lucky enough to get that.  Recently, I took a big step in the “focus more on me direction” and joined a support group of moms called Mocha Moms- Queens Chapter.  The surprise is that the group allows me time to myself, time with my kids, time with my husband and time with all of us as a family.  


Mocha Moms has various events that allows you to get out and wear all the hats that we as mothers often wear well -Mom The Sexy, Soccer/Best Ever Mom and Mom the Wife Extraordinaire


Every month, members of the group along with their kids get together to discuss and get educated on various topics by professionals, featured guests, and one another.  This month’s event/meeting was an education and information exchange.  This was a great opportunity for any mom trying to decide which educational path to take for their child(ren) or considering changing their child(ren)’s current school.  Featured guest included a New York State Certified Educator and a certified Guidance Counselors.  Topics discussed included private education vs. public education, how to get additional resources for your child, handling a problem teacher and so much more.  I shared and learned so much all while my children participated in different activities right on premise and had a light snack.  My kids made new friends and are already asking me when we are going back.  November’s monthly meeting/event will be held on Saturday, November 7th at 11:30 AM (Springfield Gardens area) and the topics of discussion will consist of Wills, Living Trust and Estates with guest speaker Attorney, Everett Hopkins of Hopkins Law Group.  


All of our monthly meetings are open to the community.  If this topic is of interest to you and you’re a mom looking for something to do that would allow you to meet other moms and their children all while participating in this workshop and your child(ren) engage in fun and games then email-   

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By K James