Wintuk at MSG

Wintuk_wallper_800_600_1-793845 We don't often blog about non Queens realted events but we felt that this was worthy.

My experience with Cirque du Soleil was always a bit similar to my enjoyment of being a parent.   You have these incredibly magical moments that delight and surprise you, such as the first time my infant daughter rolled over on her own.  Juxtapose that with her seizing hold of a poopy diaper and wielding it as a weapon, well, I think you get an idea of the highs and lows I’m talking about.

And while, at present, there isn’t much I can provide to help you suffer the more mundane or uninspired acts of Wintuk (and I’m speaking to you Lady-with-the-22-hoola-hoops), there are more than enough sections of the show to keep you awed and enchanted.  I actually took a Circus class at NYU years ago, finding the possibility of staying on a tightrope even 6” off the ground nearly impossible.   So to watch The Host dance, glide, flip, and don his missing pair of pants, all the while teetering on a gossamer-like strand of aircraft cable, left me nothing short of astounded.


Because Wintuk is, ultimately, about balance.  The balance between fast and slow, good and bad, grace and gravity, connecting with an audience or disengaging them.   And you would be well served to remember that as you sit through the breakdancing dogs (provided you hadn’t already anticipated this as the most opportune moment to beeline it to the bathroom).   Because for every clown bouncing on an inner-tube and coming up flat there is a man doing a handstand on a tower of props so staggeringly ridiculous you will be utterly spellbound until he comes down.


 The WaMu theater at Madison Square Garden may not offer the unlimited soaring heights one can achieve in Las Vegas or at other venues, something past Cirque du Soleil shows have benefitted from.  Though it does offer an event much more intimate which I believe is appropriate for a show such as this.  New Yorkers may not find anything uniquely memorable about the urban-street theme at the start of Wintuk’s journey (it is in midtown, after all), but I guarantee that by the end, you will be well rewarded.

But take my word on the break dancing dogs.

By Rodney who authors my favorite Daddy Blog Ever!