Breakfast with Santa

If you are from Queens you should be familiar with Queens Center Mall, while it is not the only mall in Queens it is the largest.  Queens Center Mall can be found in the northern section of Queens known as Elmhurst.

Last Saturday, December 5th I took my kids to the mall for breakfast, fun and games and to meet Santa Clause in their Pajamas.  When I initially told my kids about our planned day I got mixed responses.  My five year old daughter was excited at the idea of seeing Santa Clause and being able to go out in her pajamas.  My three year old son was excited but only because his sister was. My oldest son, ten years old just wanted to go to get out the house and made it clear that he was not going to wear his pajamas, which I didn’t expect him to. 

We arrived at Queens Center Mall about 8:10 a.m. and made our way towards the food court located in the JC Penny’s section of the mall.  In the food court was a DJ and registration table.  Advanced reservations were required to participate however, registration was necessary because this was a Queens Center Mall Kids Club event.  If your child was not a kids club member your child became one and each child received a gift bag and kids club t-shirt along with a plate of french toast sticks and a bottle of orange juice.  I received on raffle ticket which was given to each family and a bottle of orange juice as well, I passed on the french toast sticks as I had my eyes set on one of the restaurants in the food court.  We found somewhere to sit and eat and waited like the rest of the families in attendance.  Everything started about 8:45 a.m. at which time the DJ called all children and parents to the middle of the floor to play games.  We did the “hokie pokie”, limboed, played musical chairs (well I didn’t but the kids did), and danced ourselves silly.  Immediately following the dancing and games the DJ asked everyone to get out their raffle tickets for a raffle.  They called about 15 raffle tickets and gave great prizes.  The only drawback to this was that if you were like me and had more than one child and of different genders, who gets the prize?….. so I got a 3d cup with images from the movie Coraline.

When Saint Nick showed up things got a little hectic.  I almost wasn’t sure if the parents brought the kids to see Santa or if the kids brought the parents to see Santa.  Parents began swarming around Santa and security had to ask everyone more than once to please move back.  My youngest son kept telling me he couldn’t see and unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do.  After much ado, everyone got to see Santa and in a twinkling of an eye as fast as he had appeared he was gone. 

You may have missed this opportunity to see Santa live and in person but he will be at Queens Center Mall now through Thursday, December 24, 2009 on level three for photos and a free gift.  See the Queens Center Mall website for times and pricing.