Gorgeous & Green Grocery Bag Alternatives

Paper or Plastic?  How about neither! The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store.  Plastic bags just accumulate and persist on our planet for up to 1,000 years. Here is an array of gorgeous green reusable shoppers that will not only help the environment, but are functional & fashionable to boot. Besides, being green is the new black!


1 Sea Bags-   $29 – $185, Seabags.com

Custom tote bags, made out of recycled canvas or Kevlar sails, with rope handles. Every bag created, has sailed around the world before it even leaves the shop. Made in Portland Maine, these totes are durable, water resistant and washing-machine friendly.


Arte_bag The Artecnica Recycled Billboard Stretch Bag – $16.99,

Made from 100% colorful advertising campaign billboards, a single piece of fabric is cleverly die cut and a glueless, stitchless shoulder bag emerges. This minimal flat 2-D design stretches into 3-D, to form and stretch into a tote bag which can support up to 33 pounds of cargo. It's available in an array of different colors of recycled billboard or in sumptuous natural brown leather.

Flipandtumble2 Flip & Tumble Bags – $9

From bag to ball, the 24-7 bag is a snap to keep with you all the time.  Cool color combos, wonderfully engineered and best of all it has a felt pad at the shoulder to keep the bag from sliding off while you're carrying the world on your shoulders.





Rume RuMe Bags- $ 29.85 for a set of 3

RuMe Bags are a more sophisticated version of a nylon reusable bag in my opinion. The handles are larger and even fit over a bulky winter coat. There’s no pouch or extra packaging. Their enclosure system enables three bags to roll up to about the size of a cup of coffee. These bags can hold up to 50 pounds and the fun prints allow these bags to be used as a green gift wrap for the holiday!


Built Built Fishnet Market Tote – $39.95,

A marvelous twenty first century version of an old world European fishnet market tote! This bag expands up to 2 times its original size. It holds as much produce as 3 plastic bags and is made of lightweight insulating neoprene (scuba diving suit material), also available in a bunch of dazzling prints and colors.



By Vanessa