Flushing Queens for Kids

The Skinny on Flushing

It is the biggest part of Queens and usually the most avoided. Until today I had spent very little time in Flushing for many reasons, the crowds, traffic, lack of parking, smell, and general feel left little to be desired. But not today, today I forged into unknown territory and was pleasantly surprised. I focused this profile on a few small areas as Flushing’s size can be overwhelming and you don’t want to move your car if you have driven there. Here it is:

Food and Treats

Sentosa - This is where I ate. It has Malaysian cuisine and is located on a low traffic street in Flushing. The food ranged from Spicy Malaysian
Noodles to simple Beef with Broccoli. They also had a Pineapple Fried Rice that looked delicious but I didn’t go for it. The seating was
comfy and clean and lunch for 2 cost us only 17$. I love it. The only catch, cash only.IMG_7029

Sago Tea Cafe – This bubble tea cafe has a take out window and a good selection of slushies and bubble tea.

Things to Do with Kids

If just walking around and feeling that you are literally in a different country isn’t your speed then head 2 blocks north on Prince
to 38th ave to the Flushing Mall. Here are a few things you will find.

Flushing mall 9 Urban Couture - This tiny boutique is a hip and trendy toy store with a talking photo
booth in the entry. We found some amazing pillow cases inside as well
as toys galore.

Toy Qube - Also a toy store. This one’s novelty items are toy vending machines that spit out mini japanese toys for the little ones.

Noble Angel – This is a fantasy dress up photo studio for kids. The children are able to pick out a dress up outfit and then they are photographed in a fantasy background. Super Fun! We love dress up in our house.

3D Cartoon Drawing- The name is a bit deceiving but this ceramic painting studio allows kids to paint a figurine and take it home with them. Flushing mall 5

Chess School - The description is in the name but if your little ones are interested players you can sit down for a quick game.

Chinese Harp Music Center – A place to see old fashioned Chinese harps. They are interesting and beautifully made.

Flushing Mall is located at 133-31 39th Ave Flushing NY 718-886-5814

Elsewhere in Flushing:

Flushing Town Hall is a gem on Northern Blvd. This beautiful building hosts all sorts of child friendly events such as puppetry workshops and a holiday parties. More information here.

The Queens Botanical Garden is located in flushing and holds many kid friendly events, classes and programs. Check out their website for more detailed information.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park is Queens’ largest park and is full of things to do. From mini golf to swimming and ice skating you will find everything to keep your family entertained. More information on Flushing Meadows Park here.

Skyview Center Center Mall is a brand new shopping center in Flushing. Among shops like Target and Old Navy, there is also a full schedule of free children’s events.

The New York Hall of Science is located in Flushing and has many great things to do with kids. Check out our post on what to do at NYSCI.