Where and How to Find a Pediatrician in Queens

Baby Choosing a pediatrician for your child is the first important decision that you will make as a new mom. A lot of new moms are delivering their babies in Manhattan and going home to the boroughs. This can be difficult when choosing who and where to have your pediatrician. Maybe the most important part of choosing a doctor is their location. Consider the scenario of traveling with a sick child to their doctor’s office. How long are you willing to travel? Is the office located near parking or public transportation? Make sure that these basic needs are met before taking the next step.

Office hours and accessibility are also a big part of choosing a doctor that is right for your family. My pediatrician is open at odd hours and only several days a week but is accessible by phone 24 hours a day. I make this concession because I love our doctor’s philosophies but it was something that I thought about before committing. If you are a working parent or have a child that needs weekly visits, you may want to look for a doctor who fits your schedule.

The most talked about reason for choosing a pediatrician is medical philosophy. Do they vaccinate? Are they heavy prescribers of medication? Do they think that “all babies cry” and nothing is wrong with your colicky baby? Whatever you personal needs are, try your best to get the answers you need in advance. If you can’t however, there is no harm in trying out a doctor and switching after your visit.

How to find Pediatricians in Queens:

Ask your OB, Doula, or Midwife – If you have a local doctor, they may have an opinion or reference for you. Odds are that they will share your point of view. If your doctor isn’t located where you live, ask anyway, they may still know someone who is good for you.

Ask your Hospital- The same thing applies here. Your baby must be checked out by a pediatrician BEFORE leaving the hospital. Most hospitals need to know the name and contact info for your pediatrician before discharging you from the hospital. If you trust your delivery hospital, ask then for their recommendations.

Oxford Health Website – Oxford has a free directory of providers open the public on their website. Most doctors take a variety of coverage so you can use it as a jumping off point.

Pediatricians in Queens:

The benefit to choosing a group of doctors instead of a private practice is you can almost always be seen. You will rarely have a problem making an appt in an urgent situation.


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Urgent Care Centers and Pediatric Emergency Rooms:

It is late at night and you baby is running a fever of 102 and has a rash. This scenario is enough to give any mom a heart attack. There are Pediatric Emergency rooms and Urgent Care Centers in Queens. Keep
this list posted on your fridge so you will know where to go.


Full List of Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Rooms


Tips when looking for a Pediatrician:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some Doctors can constantly seem like they are in a rush. Do not let this stand in the way of making sure your philosophies match up. This will avoid an embarrassing moment if your doctor tries to treat your child in a
way you don’t approve of.

Call First. At first with a new baby you may not be running out the door to the doctor’s office. Call your doctor in advance to see if they have any home remedies that you can try first.