Small Space Decorating – Shared Bedrooms

LGCY_591004901_C1 To continue our Small Space Decorating series we have tips from Kristan
Cunningham, Raymour & Flanigan design expert on how to decorate a shared
room for your kids. Be sure to see the bottom of this article for special savings from Raymour & Flanigan.

The Art of Sharing

From bedtime stories to play time, sharing a room can be
a great experience for siblings. But it can also be difficult since their top
priority is claiming and personalizing their own spaces. One may be passionate
about pirates, while the other is awed by astronauts. So how do you let them
both express their individual styles while maintaining a cohesive look? Start
with neutral furniture, then come up with a game plan that everyone can agree

The Best of Both WorldsPLSK_594006340_A1

If your youngest is ready to dive into a sea-inspired
theme, and your oldest has his head in the clouds, how do you bring their
unique personalities together in one room and still achieve a unified look?
With a little imagination and some blue paint, you can create a room they’ll
both love! Start by painting ocean blue waves high up on the walls so your sea
creature feels like he’s really under water. Up above, switch to sky blue paint
and add puffy white clouds and a rocket ship for your aspiring astronaut. While
these are two totally different themes, the color blue unifies them. For their
bedding, let each child choose a set with his theme—just remember to try to
incorporate shades of blue wherever possible. A graphic rug with pops of blue
will help tie it all together. For their furniture, look for a timeless style
like Mission and an easy-to-decorate-with brown cherry finish. And to help their
cool new room stay nice and neat, I highly recommend bunk beds with underbed

It’s Better Together

You may be convinced that you’ll never get your girls to
settle on a theme for their room, especially if one adores horses and the other
is crazy about rock ’n’ roll. Color is going to be your best friend LGCY_599058089_A1 here!
You’ll want to stick with a neutral palette to bring these two very different
themes together. Warm oak furniture and a creamy shade of toasted almond on the
walls will go great with just about anything. Plus, it’ll make shopping for
bedding and accessories that much easier! For a fun touch, try painting records
above your rock star’s bed.

Opposites Attract

This is a dilemma many parents know all too well—one
daughter is a sports fan, while the other prefers playing dress up. To make
sure each sibling has a say, come up with a clear plan. The best place to start
is with white furniture, which will go great with any color palette they can
dream up! So even if your girly girl picks pink bedding and your athlete opts
for orange, their furniture will be a perfect fit. A loft bed and dresser with
interchangeable drawer fronts are also a great choice—they let each sibling
claim their personal space. And when they’re all grown up, you can change the
drawer fronts to white. This makes it great for a teen or guest room!