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 99centsign Being a resident of the Middle Village/Glendale
neighborhoods, it’s hard not to notice the plethora of nail salons, pharmacy’s
and 99 cent stores /discount stores in this neighborhood. There’s 99 cent
paradise , Kago 99 cent store, Closeout Paradise and of course the Family
Dollar just to name a few. One can find just about anything in these stores and
can practically decorate a whole house if you are on a tight budget. Here are
our finds at these local joints.



Discount Stores

These stores do have many items for 99 cents, however the
bulk of their items seem to be very discounted kitchen appliances, furniture,
mirrors and cleaning supplies, seasonal decor and the like.


Closeout Paradise
-  Located on Metropolitan avenue, the
discount center version of Bed, Bath & Beyond. This has by far the best selection
of outdoor furniture, plants, soil, gardening supplies and decor. A great
selection of kitchen appliances such as blenders, food processors, coffee &
espresso makers as well. Nice selection of large mirrors, paintings, dishes,
coffee mugs, plates and other home accessories. Great seasonal decor! Don’t
miss the basement full of discounted furniture, such as book shelves, computer
desks, kids beds, tables and chairs.Dollar Store Decorating

Closeout Paradise

7808 Metropolitan Ave.

Middle Village, NY 11379


Family Dollar
Located on Myrtle Avenue in Glendale, This discount emporium is actually a part
of a chain of stores originally dating back to 1959 in Charlotte, NC. , With
over 6,600 locations in 44 states the Family Dollar has everything one could
possibly need from soup to nuts.. literally. It has a great health and beauty
section with an amazing selection of name brand items like dove, herbal
essences, clairol, and more. It has a nice selection of home decor items, you
can decorate your whole bathroom for under $50 including 4 towels, 4
washcloths, 2 hand towels, 1 bathmat, shower curtain and clips, and decorative
mirror. The Family Dollars website ( is also a great place to
find recipes, weekly coupons for a location near you. Best of all they have a
corporate giving program whose purpose is to provide the basic necessities of
life, including food, clothing and shelter, to low-income and low-middle income
families, including senior citizens, minorities and at-risk youth, primarily in
neighborhoods where the Company operates.

Family Dollar

7134 Myrtle Avenue

Glendale, Ny



99Cent Stores


99 Cent paradise-
Amazing selection of glass and stemware all for 99 cents such as wine,
champagne, drinking, martini, gold rimmed, kitchy, modern and the like. There
is also a wide array of baby items,
such as bibs, bottles, socks, pacifiers, sippy cups, pins and other
accessories. Wonderful kids party favors and a full wall of kids hair
accessories will allow the little ones to allowance spend as well. Difinatley
worth checking out. 

99 Cent Paradise               

7530 Metropolitan Avenue

Middle Village, NY 11379-2644

(718) 417-9248


Kago 99 Cent Store- Great selection of gift wrap, tissue
and wrapping paper. Come here for all of you backyard bbq needs. fabulous
selection of paper plates, napkins, table cloths, utensils and condiments. Fun
assortment of ladies purses and costume jewelry. You could definitley do last
minute gift shopping here. Don’t miss the fun faux ipods and electronics behind
the register.

Kago 99 Cent Store

7408 Metropolitan Avenue

Middle Village, N.Y




Dollar Store Decorating Ideas and Resources:


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