Teach Kids about Urban Animal Life with Safari 7

FlowerInQueens Mugwort, Plantain, Bittersweet, and Poor Man’s Pepper are
all part of the ecology that can be found along the 7 train in NYC according to
Safari 7. It
is a self-guided tour of urban animal life along New York City's No. 7 subway
line. Set to launch the Safari base camp at Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central
Station on April 19th,
Safari 7 is a set of podcasts that one can download on your MP3 player and
listen to while riding the 7 train into Queens. Base camp being the beginning
of the “trail”, you can grab maps, visit audio listening stations, and see
large scale drawings of animal habitats and other life cycles. Once you have
finished at the exhibit, you are then able to ride the subway and listen to the
podcasts. The number 7 train is said to be the line that travels through the
most culture centers in the city. With the Queens Art Express also slated along
this line in June, the 7 train runs from Long Island City, through Jackson
Heights and into Flushing. This is a great idea for Earth Day education with
your little ones.

Safari 7 Base Camp opens at Grand Central Terminal on
April 19

Mon Apr 19 – Sat Apr 24, 2010

HOURS: 10am-7pm (Mon Apr 19 – Fri Apr 23) and 10am-5pm
(Sat Apr 24).

LOCATION: Vanderbilt Hall Grand Central Terminal