Buy Items from Film Sets at Film Biz Recycling

IMG_5696 Have you ever seen a film or television show and loved the décor or set design? Ever wished that you too could have the beautiful chair that Sara Jessica Parker was sitting in? well your dream has been realized in Film Biz Recycling. Film Biz Recycling is a store that resells items from movie and tv sets to the general public (that’s you) at dirt cheap prices. I know, right now you think that I am spinning lies here at Queens Mamas but I am not. This place is real… and it’s spectacular! Read on for details.

Owner and Founder of Film Biz Eva Radke is a Brooklyn Mama who worked in the commercial industry coordinating for art departments. She was horrified at the IMG_5700 amount of waste that the film and television industry accumulated when they finished IMG_5708 their projects. I personally have seen marble mantles almost thrown in the dumpster because there was no one taking what was left over from a movie. She decided to take the leap into becoming a business owner and started Film Biz as a not for profit located in Long Island City. Film Biz is located about 2 blocks from Silvercup Studios in LIC and is well worth traveling to. There is currently no store front, only a chalkboard sign that welcomes you up the stairs into a 2,700 square foot heavenly world of fabulous furniture, knick knacks, clothing, and props. In 2009 alone Film Biz Recycling saved 75 tons of film industry waste from landfills and that number is increasing every year.  Upon entering the spaceIMG_5698 you will IMG_5705 see some displays of the best items in the store and you can wander down the aisles that are chock full of goodies from film sets like Rescue Me and 30 Rock and talk to Eva about where they came from. The coolest thing about FBR is that the inventory is constantly rotating with new great things from these sets. You are always guaranteed to find great stuff every time you come in.

43-26 12th street

2nd floor

LIC, NY 11101

(718) 392-3304