Frozen Yogurt in Kew Gardens

PlainWToppingsnew Kew Gardens is a lovely town.  It's small and homey and has pretty much
everything a neighborhood needs:  a
supermarket, a nice restaurant, a beer and burger joint, a salon (well, 3), a
spa, a coffee shop, a bagel store, a park, a school, a train station…I could
go on.  However, in my ten years of
living here, the one thing we have lacked is a proper frozen yogurt place.  Not anymore, my friends!  Just in time for Summer one has arrived, provided by our local Ascend
Day Spa and I, for one, am psyched. 

just went in today to check it out.  It's
healthy, and I mean really healthy.  
It's called "Voguert". 
Tart and tasty, certainly not a hot fudge sundae, but they serve a
refreshing, cold, ice creamy-ish treat that I would feed my picky two year old
anytime.  I've never actually seen fro-yo
made this way.  You get to choose from an
assortment of fresh frozen fruit- blueberries, strawberries, mangos, kiwis,
bananas, to name a few.  The fruit goes
into a handy dandy machine and gets mixed with a 90 calorie all natural yogurt
base. and out comes frozen yogurt! 
There's no added sugar or preservatives and all of their fruits and
vegetables are organic.  They serve
smoothies and fresh blended juices, too. 
I had a "fruitloop" and it hit the 3PM, sugar-craving
spot!  I highly recommend checking it
out.  I am thrilled to say, that, thanks
to Ascend Day Spa, my lovely little town is perfectly complete.


Voguert is located at 82-62 Austin Street Kew
Gardens, NY 11415.  The shop is around
the back by the train station next to the coffee shop.