Hanging out with Rug Bug Music

This weekend we got to meet Ofrit Peres, co creator of Unplugged on
a Rug
and Rug Bug Music. She gave a private sidewalk concert for Roxy and her
friend Minty. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we settled under
a tree to hear some acoustic music.

The premise behind
2010-05-08 13.33.39 Unplugged on a Rug
pretty self explanatory; unplug your kids from electronic toys and allow them
to play with natural made and recycled toys, sing songs and encourage
imaginative play through music and art. Ofrit and her partner Natalie complement
each other well, Natalie has a background in Early
2010-05-08 13.50.35 Childhood Development while
Ofrit in Music and Performance, about a year ago they decided to partner up and
start this unique learning philosophy together. It has been a roaring success.

Part of what makes this play experience special is the way
toys are reused and recycled. Unplugged makes music from anything they can find
and create. Ofrit had a small Poland spring water bottle with confetti in it as
a shaker as well as a coffee can. She pointed out to me that depending on where
you hit the can, it would make a different sound, “this is what babies recognize
and can learn” she said. Roxy played with a wooden dowel and banged on the can and
was really entertained by the bright confetti inside the water bottle. This is
the perfect example of the fact that you can buy your kids the most expensive toy
in the store but they will still play with the box. These ladies know how to
take that box and make it magical.

2010-05-08 13.34.22 Ofrit sang familiar songs and played the guitar while Roxy
rummaged around the toy box that she had brought along. People would stop on
the street and listen for a second before going on their way.
2010-05-08 13.35.19 It captured
everything great about this city into one spot. Ofrit and Rug Bug Music teach
baby and me music classes in Brooklyn and are planning a series of CD’s for
children centered around Earth Wind Water and Fire.  Unplugged on a Rug also hosts the Big Green Play
Date where they share their ideas to reuse, reduce, recycle while kids have fun
playing with their amazing toys. We are determined to get a Big Green Play Date
and Rug Bug Music classes to Queens so wish me luck. I am an excellent nag!

For more information about these amazing ladies visit Unplugged on a Rug and Rug Bug Music.2010-05-08 13.58.44