Plane Spotting In Queens

My father works in the Aviation Industry and ever since I was a small child I used to love accompanying him to the Airport on business calls. We would sit in the La Guardia Airport staff cafeteria and eat while we watched the planes land and take off, roaring as they went by close to the ground. As an adult, I still get a thrill when a plane flies over my head and I still love to watch them take off and land. Over father’s day I watched a conversation about plane spotting in Queens on my favorite parenting group and it has sparked me to share one of my favorite pastimes with you all. Here are some great family locations to plane spot in Queens.

The most detailed information that you will find is on the NYC Aviation website where they list places to watch planes at La Guardia Airport and JFK, crash sites, and even where you can see Donald Trumps plane land. Here are some of their suggestions.

La Guardia Planes

Planeview Park – East Elmhurst

Views: Great view of runway 4 arrivals and departures,
as well as 22 departures. Runway 22 arrivals are a little more distant.

World’s Fair Marina, Flushing

Views:Great view of runway 31 arrivals, distant view of runway 13

Hermon MacNeil Park, College Point

Views: Runway 22 arrivals, or runway 4 departures in the distance.

Parent Recommended Sites:

The corner of 23rd Ave and Ditmars Ave in Astoria

College Point Home Depot parking lot. You see the planes disappear around Citi Field and reappear overhead right before landing. It happens about every 3-5 minutes.

Go to a Mets game. Sit in the top row so you’re that much closer

JFK Planes


The Mounds – Springfield Gardens

Views: The mix of arrivals on 22L.

North Woodmere Park – Woodmere

Views: Good for early morning 31R arrivals and 22L arrivals.

Bayswater State Park – Far Rockaway

Views: Nice view of arrivals and departures on runways 4R and 4L,
as well as 22R departures and 31L

Frank M. Charles Park – Howard Beach

Views: Good for runway 31L departures and 13R arrivals anytime
after mid-morning.