Things to Do at The New York Hall of Science

Summer trips to the museum, zoo or even the park are always fun for kids, but often mundane and flat out not fun for adults. How many monkeys, 15-foot-tall T-Rex fossils and cherry blossom trees does a Queens mama have to pretend are “awesome,” as my 8-year-old says, to prove you love your kid? If you’re looking to escape the same-old, same-old field trips that hot weather often brings, look no further than Corona’s New York Hall of Science.

When I say I had a great time, I mean I was running around and enjoying the exhibits just like my kid was. With the amount of information that is available in the 3 floor space, you will find yourself learning things you
didn’t know and exploring places you may not be able to go in your lifetime.

The cost is $11 for adults and $8 for kids. It’s located about five minutes off of the BQE 108th Street exit. Lot parking is available for $10, but on-street parking seems abundant [yes! No meters].

Our favorite exhibit was by far “Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes and Other Riches.” The exhibit included a tunnel vortex, or what looked like a tornado to me and my kid. It was made with a fog and wind machine. Kids, and moms, can change the direction of the tunnel with their hands. There were also two bubble exhibits, great for toddlers and preschoolers, and a “Muck” exhibit that allows users to stick their hands into gloves underneath a pile of muck with fishes and turtles (fake of course) lying in the bottom. The entire exhibit is just inundated with fun facts, like the dangers of the Amazon, and factors contributing to endangerment of many of its species.

There is also a sound wave exhibit on the second floor that utilizes a huge flat screen TV and sound wave detectors to measure the movements with sound waves and displays the movements on screen.And, the third floor has a sports section complete with a baseball range and basketball exhibit.

If you need to stop and take a breather, there are several live demonstrations all day including the dissection of a cow’s eye and nature of network connections. Another thing I really liked is the explainers. They are basically high school and college students who go around and explain all of the exhibits.

Any information you don’t get from the explainers can be found in the library. The NY Hall of Science is home to a small library for children and adults. It also houses an area for preschoolers with age appropriate books, on science.

For lunch there is a café located on the first floor, but you must pack lunches for the family. Mini-golf is also available at $5 for adults and $4 for children.

For smaller children (0-2) there is a Preschool Place. It’s a pretty sizeable room on the first floor. There are blocks, kitchen play sets, and bean bags for comfy sitting. (A great place for dad and baby to go while mom and big kid explore, or vice versa.)

The NY Hall of Science also offers party packages that include food, birthday cake, mini-golf, explainers and a private room.

47-01 111th St Queens, NY 11368 (718) 699-0005