Best Strollers for City Living

City stroller Living in the city means you have very different stroller needs. Yes, you might still visit a mall on occasion or roll over some grass at the park, but what you really need is something that is small enough to carry on the bus or subway, can fold while holding a baby and fits through the narrowest checkout lines — all while darting through crowds and bumping over really bad sidewalks. With so many varied areas in Queens, you might have an even wider variety of needs. You might actually use your car often and see grass on a daily basis. You may even have a bit more space and be able to store more than one stroller in a closet. Whatever you may be looking for Queens Mamas has the best picks on strollers for urban moms.

You may want to find one stroller that can try to meet all of your needs or a second lighter stroller for when you don’t want to lug something huge in and out of the trunk (or want to try to take it on the bus), we’ve put together some great choices for you. All are available at Babies R Us and/or La Casa del Bebe, with locations in Astoria, Jackson Heights and Jamaica. Prices listed are from Babies R Us.

Volo_pea_black_3_4_10 Maclaren

There of course isn’t just one Maclaren model that is city-suited. Maclaren offers a full line of single umbrella strollers that are great city strollers. Each of these offers slightly different features to suit your needs. Just remember with more features, you get a bit more weight and bigger wheels.  Maclarens can be rather small, but they still hold an impressive 55 pounds. Folding the stroller while holding a baby is quite easy and they are super easy to get through even the tightest turnstile or to tote onto the bus. You can easily leave one in the car or the closet without sacrificing much space.

The Volo ($119.99, pictured) is the lightest at around 9 lbs, but offers no recline. It’s for children 6 months and up and has a carry strap for over the shoulder. The Triumph ($159.99) & Quest (my personal subway stroller, $219.99) are slightly heavier at around 12 lbs, but do offer a recline, have side carry straps and are for children for 3 months and up. The Techno XLR ($359.99) is rated from birth and up, has the biggest wheels and the most features plus can hold 65 pounds. It also can take a car seat and has front and rear suspension. It is the heaviest at around 17 lbs, but I have taken one on the subway many times without difficulty. If your nearest subway has an elevator, it makes it even easier!


The Chicco Capri (pictured) is a very basic, lightweight umbrella stroller and is also relatively inexpensive ($79.99). It has a fairly small canopy, so sun coverage is not the best, but we like that it weighs 11 pounds, has a carry strap, 40 lb weight limit and has a 2 position recline. It won’t work for a newborn, but this is a good choice for a second stroller and for trips to the zoo or for children who don’t need more than a basic seat to get through the city. Chicco also offers the Liteway which is twice as expensive ($129.99) and heavier, but offers a few more features, like full recline and rear wheel suspension.


PTRU1-7144873reg Peg Perego Si

The Si ($249.99) comes in at 13 lbs, has a very easy one-handed fold and unfold, stands while folded, a 45 pound weight limit, takes car seat, three position recline and has a carry handle. Plus is offers Pe Perego’s terrific canopy, which offers exceptionally good coverage, plenty of head room and a peekaboo window. You can actually pull the canopy down as far as the bumper bar to shield your child from the sun or give them some privacy for a nap. Added features for the 2010 version include  a removable bumper bar and cup holder. The Si also has ball bearing wheels that help make it roll more smoothly over bumpy sidewalks.

Kooper_green_lrg Joovy Kooper

The Kooper ($179.99) is also a bit larger at 17 pounds, but it offers some really great features for both parent and child that make it great for the city. It has 4-wheel suspension, which helps on those bumpy sidewalks, plus it still does well over grass. The Kooper also comes in some really great colors like yellow and green, has a huge canopy, reflective trim, two drink holders in the canopy as well as a zippered pouch. Also handy are the two mesh pouches inside the seat for your little passenger that can hold drinks, snacks or toys. Rated for six months and up, it offers a multiple position recline and holds up to 50 pounds. The fold is pretty easy and is one handed, and it has manual locking strap.

Bugaboo-bee-plus-blue Bugaboo Bee

The Bugaboo Bee is expensive ($649) and doesn’t fold with one hand, but it is still a great, very adaptable city stroller. This stroller could be your only stroller from birth and up, but it will work best if you’re not full time subway riders. It is around 18 pounds, but it is still folds up nicely, is easy to carry and maneuvers through anything with ease. The only drawback is that you will need help to fold it when you’re out with a baby — though it is possible to fold with the baby in a secure carrier (like a BabyBJORN or ERGOBaby). The Bee offers foam filled wheels with 4-wheel suspension that will dampen some of those city bumps. Best of all it has a reversible, very adjustable seat that will fit any child from birth to about 38 pounds. The stroller will take a car seat, has an infant cocoon and the seat pulls out and up to securely fit any stroller rider. The canopy height even adjusts with the seat. My six month old daughter, as well as my very tall 3 year old son can easily be accommodated. It’s well worth the price (if it fits your budget) and can adapt to just about any situation.

PTRU1-6694491t130 Baby Jogger
The Baby Jogger City Mini ($229, pictured) is also on the larger side for a small stroller at 17 pounds, but it is terrific and feels very light. It may not be the best to carry up and down the subway stairs fully loaded, but is great around town, in and out of the car, at the park and for shopping. At 24” wide it might stick in a few spots like a super narrow grocery checkout, but it has one of the easiest folds I have ever tried and an amazing full coverage canopy. The City Mini offers a full recline, 50 lb limit, 8” wheels, front suspension. An optional car seat adapter and bassinet are available. Also available is the Baby Jogger City Micro ($159.99) which offers a lower price, pretty colors like Kiwi and Ocean, but a few less features- like a smaller canopy. Both models have the option of using Baby Jogger accessories such as the snack tray, glider board, car seat adapter and bassinet, making these great options from birth and up.