Scrabble Was Invented in Queens? Fun Facts from Queens Historian Jack Eichenbaum

Scrabble_H Did you know that Scrabble was invented in Queens? It was invented right here in our happenin' borough by Alfred Butts – a man from Jackson Heights –who created the classic board game and tested it by playing with his wife. For all of you history buffs out there, WNYC reporter Kathleen Horan took a special look at Queens, New York with its borough historian Jack Eichenbaum. The proud Queens resident shared this and other interesting stories and facts.

Eichenbaum, who has lived nearly all of his 67 years in Queens, sayEichenbaums the thing that most  easily dazzles people about his borough is its diversity. On the topic, he says “I mean, people still wearing some version of clothing that looks different, smells that are different, music is blaring out of the shops – and, you know, it’s all right out there.”

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You can listen to the segment at HERE and check out an interactive timeline of a brief history of Queens here

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