Unusual Frozen Treats in Queens

Cholado Considering that you can literally travel around the world in one single borough why not apply this tactic to iced treats? There are so many ways to enjoy the sweets of the summer here in the borough I didn’t’ quite know where to start. Our family favorite is the Malaysian shaved ice in Flushing’s Sentosa Restaurant which comes topped with different kinds of fruit, jellies, and even some sweet beans. Ethnic desserts are a great way to encourage your kids to try new cuisines without a fight. Here are our picks for unusual icy goodies in Queens NY.

Street Ice

Raspado Ice Lady

With 14 different flavors of syrup. The shaved ice entrepreneur hand shaves ice to order. She is a huge local favorite and on many food tours around Queens.

Corner of 80th and Roosevelt Avenue Elmhurst Queens, NY 11372

Pecas y Mas

If you’ve never tried a cholado, imagine an oversized cup of shaved ice topped with a variety of fruit
juices and chopped apples, melon, pineapple and mango. It’s then covered with sweetened condensed milk, toasted coconut, and finished off with a cherry. A cholado comes with a spoon and straw, so start off sipping the juice from the bottom, and spoon all the goodies on top.

44-20 Greenpoint Ave. Sunnyside, Queens – (718) 389-4443


Bubble Tea and Asian Sweets


Sweet Adele’s in Bayside Unusual Frozen Treats in Queens

Bubble_tea1 is one of the best bubble tea places around. You also have shaved ice in several unusual flavors to choose
from. They have the regular flavors like cherry but they also have tigers
blood. Tigers Blood ended up tasting like cherry but it is certainly more
exciting to order! it was the perfect cool treat on a hot summers day.

Sweet Adele’s 73-24 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11364 – (718) 479-8282


Korean Shaved Ice

Korean shaved ice is called paht beeng soo. it’s shaved ice, topped with ice cream, sweet red bean
Pat Been Soon Korean paste, mochi, fruit, whipped cream. It looks like a gigantic fruit cup topped with whipped cream. You can pick between several selections of this classic dessert at: Koryodahng all over Queens


Taiwanese Shaved Ice

This dessert is for the very adventurous. Let me assure you that even through it looks like some sort
Shavedice-icefire of frozen stew, it is a delicious combination of flavors and textures. Some of them have fruit toppings, and you’ll traditionally find sweetened beans, jellies, taro root, and related goodies, tied together with a generous drizzle of brown sugar syrup. This amazing dessert can be found at:

Ice Fire Land 13511 40th Road, Flushing NY 11354 718-886-8600

Unusual Ice Cream


Frozen Bananas

Frozen Bananas are the unusual hit and Maggie Moos in Bayside. They also have all different kinds of ice cream cupcakes to choose from. Yum!

39-33 Bell Blvd Bayside, NY 11361(718) 229-0229


Roma’s Ice Cream Store

The unusual variety of flavors makes this store a worthwhile destination. There’s the usual suspects, like chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio, but why order one of those when you can taste eggnog or purple plum? The mamey is an apple-like fruit flavor from the Caribbean and Central America. The ice cream is bright red, with a taste of almonds, pumpkin and vanilla. If you’re looking for something lighter, try one of the popsicles in the freezer like mango chili.

103-04 Roosevelt Ave., near 103rd St. Corona, Queens (718) 899-9900