Best City Strollers for Two

Sport-life-road-med If you live in the city,  everything changes once you need a double stroller. You can’t just grab that tiny umbrella stroller and zip off to the subway. In the city, even an older child needs to sit more often than one in the suburbs, so you still might need that second seat for longer. If you have twins, then that’s a whole new set of problems. You want to find a stroller that will help you continue to do whatever you did before you had that second child or if you have twins, you need help just getting out the door from day one. Besides your basic double umbrella stroller, the giant side by side or super long tandem, there are now so many more options that can help you get to where you need to go. If you live in elevator building, roll just about everywhere you go and don’t use a car very often, the perfect stroller for you might  be a bit different than someone with lots of stairs, has to get to the train or drives more often. Whether weight and size are your most important factors or you want a cushier ride that is ready for a bit of light jogging in the park, one of these strollers for two should be just right for you.

Single to Doubles or Inlines

These offer a second removable seat, which means they can adapt as you need them, but still have the width of a single. It also means you can plan ahead and buy one stroller, add a seat for the second child, then go back to a single when you want to. Double strollers can be very expensive, so this is a nice option to make your investment last a bit longer. Prices will start at the single stroller price and go up depending on the cost of the second seat or any other accessories you choose, such as car seat adapters or bassinets.

Explorer_twotoddlers phil&teds Explorer

The original inline was from phil&teds and now the company offers several models with  different levels of features. The new Explorer, due in August, will offer a one handed fold, improved seat and recline plus a sun canopy for the rear seat. It will allow the use of a car seat adapter with the rear doubles seat in place, a very welcome addition. These are great improvements to an already great stroller. One of the lighter single to double options, it will roll you easily anywhere you need to go. I have even carried one down into the subway, with help of course. A rain canopy is available for use with both seats as well, which is really great in the wet and colder months.

Maya_rumble_3Q UPPAbaby Vista

The Vista starts with a very nice single stroller that includes a bassinet and is a very family friendly, as well as environmentally friendly stroller. It’s expensive, but worth every penny. The main seat reverses, holds 50 lbs, and has an incredible sun canopy. It’s suitable for a newborn with the included bassinet, the seat fully reclined or with an incredibly easy car seat adapter that not only locks in place securely, but has indicators to let you know that your seat is secure. Add the rumble seat, which holds a child from 6 months to 35 lbs and has a sun canopy,  and you have an incredible ride for 2. The rumble seat is only rear facing and does not recline, but you can easily push the Vista one handed with both seats fully loaded. An added plus, with the piggyback board, you can bring along a third standing rider.  There is a rain canopy that can be used with the rumble seat when the front seat is in the rear facing mode. The Vista  does not fold with the rumble seat on, but it pops on and off in seconds.

Quad Cherry TS 300 Valco Quad

Valco offers three strollers that have the option of adding a toddler seat, the two three wheelers, the TriMode and the Matrix and the four wheeled Quad. The toddler seat fits in front, pops on easily and can be folded out of the way or left on when the stroller is folded. This is a great option when you don’t need a full time second seat, but do need an occasional seat for your older rider. Valco makes amazing strollers and all three offer slightly different features. The Quad, my personal single at the moment, is a terrific little urban stroller with an incredible canopy, flat recline, easy, compact fold, lightweight and a great ride. It can take a car seat adapter, but cannot use the toddler seat when the car seat is in use. The new Joey toddler seat (and optional canopy) offers a taller backrest and more legroom for the main seat passenger than the previous model and holds 45 lbs.

-2 Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select, my current daily double, also starts as a single with a reversible seat, but it goes a bit further as a double. It can take 2 car seats, 2 bassinets or 2 full sized seats or many combinations of those options. Each seat holds up to 45 pounds, reclines, has a full sized, generous canopy, that can be raised to offer more headroom for taller riders and its own optional rain cover. It is a bit long and heavy as a double, but you can fold it with at least one seat in place and it is super easy to take any part on or off.  Pushing 1 handed, fully loaded isn’t the easiest, but it can be done. There are so many options, especially for twins, that the the extra weight is worth it.

-4 Britax B-READY

The new Britax B-READY is another single to double that offers many options in addition to its reversible main seat. It offers 14 seating combinations including 2 car seats or a basinet with the 2nd Seat, making it suitable for twins. The smaller 2nd seat seat attaches behind the front seat like some of the other options, but it offers a canopy plus a full recline, making it suitable for a newborn or naptime and the stroller can be folded with both seats in place. The main seat holds up to 55 pounds and the back seat holds 35 pounds. 4 point suspension, an easy touch brake with an on/off indicator and a large basket that is easily accessed from all sides are just some of its features plus a rain cover for doubles mode.

-3  Mutsy Duoseat

The Duoseat is a 2-seater attachment that converts a single Mutsy 4 Rider into a double. If you already have a Mutsy it it is a relatively inexpensive way to move up to a double (the frame can also be purchased separately). This option truly feels like you are pushing a single stroller.  It will also of course weight more than a single, but you won’t feel it when you’re pushing. You will fit anywhere that you did as a single, however the seats are a bit smaller than on a full sized double. The seats hold about 33 pounds, only the rear seat is suitable for a newborn (with the optional footmuff), as the front seat doesn’t recline. It’s not an option that will work with a larger child, but it is a great short term solution, especially for two children that are close in age. You won’t even know you’re pushing a double.

Side by Sides

Sometimes you just want a side-by-side, so here are the narrower/lighter options in the bunch.

-1 Maclaren Twin Techno

The Maclaren Twin Techno ($379) weighs just 27 pounds and is rated from birth to 55 lbs per seat, which is great for such a small stroller. This is a great stroller for both daily living in the city and travel. This could easily be your one double stroller, if you don’t need all-terrain features. It offers 6” wheels, front and rear suspension, reflective trim, included rain cover and sun visors on the hoods. A true Umbrella double, it folds easily and smaller than most plus will roll through crowded streets and narrow doors easily. Because of the umbrella handles, it’s not the easiest to push one handed, but it can be done. The Techno also has carry strap to make it easier to lug onto public transportation. The techno isn’t tiny when folded, but for a double this is as good as it gets.

Green Double Baby Jogger City Mini Double

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double ($399) weighs about 27 pounds and has Baby Jogger’s amazing quick fold technology. It won’t fold up as small as an umbrella stroller, but it’s fairly small for such a nice double. It’s easy to store or pop in and out of  a car. It feels even lighter than it is because it’s so easy to manage. The canopies are amazing,  it’s suitable for a newborn plus you do have the option of using one car seat. It has front wheel suspension and will take you from sidewalk to park. It’s not as cushy as an air-filled tire double, but the push is still great and maneuverability is too. Baby Joggers are great for taller children as is the 100 pound weight limit for the stroller. Baby Jogger has a very wide variety of accessories for its strollers, so you can easily customize your stroller to your needs.

7. Stroll-Air My Duo seats facing front and back s  Stroll-Air My Duo

The Stroll-Air My Duo has quite a bit to offer in a small package. Weighing just 26 pounds, this double has incredible independently reversible seats, front and rear suspension, full recline, adjustable handle, sun visors, lockable swivel front wheels, can take 2 bassinets and most impressive of all can hold 2 car seats while remaining only 29” wide. This stroller is great for he city if you have twins, especially if you want the option of using car seats with your stroller. The seats are a bit narrower than some, so you may want to test it out if you have larger children. It does also come with lots of accessories that many strollers offer as options, like rain covers, footmuffs and a diaper bag. It’s an expensive stroller ($799.99), but you do get quite a lot for your money, especially if you have twins.

Indie twin spice quarter Bumbleride

The Bumbleride Indie Twin ($679.99) offers lots of really nice features in a very attractive package. It is quite a bit heavier at 34 pounds, but it offers comfy seats, adjustable leg rests and handlebar, air-filled all terrain tires, a big basket, canopies that can come forward to the bumper bar and a narrow 29” width, very narrow for a double, yet nice roomy seats that will hold a taller child. The front (lockable swivel wheels) mean you can roll anywhere, it an even be used for light jogging, also great when you need to chase a 2 year old across the playground. The Indie Twin is suitable for newborns and has the option of one bassinet or one car seat with an adapter. This stroller also comes in some of the prettiest color combinations you will find anywhere. An added bonus, it comes with a rain cover, which is far too often an option for many strollers. Living in the city, a rain cover is a must, so it’s really nice when it’s included.