Charter Schools in Queens NY


Charter Schools are small, experimental public schools for kindergarten through grade 12. They are an excellent alternative to public schools. Charter schools often offer a more rigorous academic program and a more structured and routine driven environment than their public school counterparts. Admissions to charter schools are held by lottery, so there is not guaranteed admission based on zone, and the application period is during the spring. Here is a list of charter schools in Queens NY.


Merrick Academy-Queens Public Charter School

Merrick Academy offers a strong academic program that results in great scores for its students. Teaching is traditional and the focus is on math, reading and writing. Merrick Academy offers a great alternative to many district 29 schools.

207-01 Jamaica Avenue Queens Village, Queens NY 11428 (718) 479-3753

Renaissance Charter School

Renaissance is a K-12 charter school, which is pretty unique. It’s also unique in its progressive nature. Students sit around tables and engage in project based and inquiry based learning. The focus of this school is developing the whole child, not simply acing exams. Students learn and grow in Renaissance’s racially diverse setting.

35-59 81st Street, Jackson Heights, Queens New York 1137 (718) 803-0060

Growing Up Green Charter School

The school offers a project based approach to learning. Students meet in math and literacy blocks, and work on the interdisciplinary model for their classes. The Focus of the school is environmental consciousness.

39-37 28th Street, Long Island City, Queens NY 11101-3728 (347) 642-4306

Peninsula Prep Charter School

The Peninsula Preparatory Academy Charter School has a focus on rigorous academics. The learning is based around the Balanced Literacy Curriculum and the University of Chicago’s Everyday Math Program. Students have a few enrichment offerings, but the focus is academic success.

155 Beach 67th Street, Arverne, Queens NY 11692 (718) 471-7220

Voice Charter School of New York

While the academic program at Voice Charter is based on the core knowledge curriculum and students engage in reading and writing workshop models, the school infuses the arts in everything they do. Students learn to sing, read music and play instruments, and learn to connect these arts to their learning.

37-15 13th Street, Long Island City, Queens NY 11101 (718) 786-6213

Our World Neighborhood Charter School

The focus of Our World Neighborhood Charter School is experiential learning that builds on the varied community of learners that make up its student body. They offer Spanish and Mandarin as well as a number of Fine Arts classes not seen in most charter schools.

3612 35th Avenue, Astoria, Queens NY 11106-1227 (718) 392-3135

Challenge Prep Charter School (District 27)

Challenge Prep is a new school intended to serve students in grades K-8. Its focus will be on rigorous academics designed to prepare students for high-performing public and private schools.

1414 Central Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691 (718) 634-1634

Riverton Street Charter School (District 29)

Riverton Street is a new school which opened in 2010 and is designed to serve grades K-5. The school attempts to infuse a moral/character education into its program by addressing a different moral focus each month.

118-22 Riverton Street, Saint Albans, NY 11412 (718) 481-8200