City Living Essentials: At Home

When you live in the city, every drop of space counts. Anything that offers a smaller package or better storage solution is more than welcome. Here are a few products to help you save space while still giving your child everything needed.

Nook_black_lg Nook highchair- Joovy’s compact highchair is perfect for city living. Folded it’s very flat and can slide into the smallest spot, so it takes up very little room. It can easily go in a closet or slide into a little spot in your kitchen. Mine sits beside my refrigerator. Unfolded it’s a very functional highchair that looks great in any room of your home. Its clean, modern design won’t look out of place in your kitchen, dining room or even in the living room which sometimes is hte best spot when you have a tiny dining area or galley kitchen. Easy to use, keep clean and fold, it can be opened and closed one handed, an added plus. Another option to look at: the Valco Astro.

3888289434_dc60bf3063_m Minui Handysitt- When a highchair isn’t an option or when your child is ready to move on to a booster this handy contraption will transform just about any chair into a highchair or booster in a snap. It can be adapted for smaller or larger children with the optional accessories, folds flat for storage, can be taken with you to dine out or in with friends or family. It’s modern design looks great anywhere and if it you want to remove it from your chair at any time it’s just as easy to pop off and store until you need it again. We have one strapped to our very traditional old mahogany dining chairs and it works beautifully. My children love it, they can eat at the table without a big highchair and they feel very independent and comfortable. My 5 year old just sits on it while my 2 year old is strapped in. Also available among the accessories is a very lovely base that can transform it into a highchair if you wish.

-1 Compact baby bathtub- One thing that it’s hard to do without when you have a baby, but takes up way too much space when you live in an apartment is a baby bathtub. Many options are either too big to be convenient or just don’t function well when they are a bit smaller in size. Three great options for city living are the Tummy Tub, the Flexibath and the Puj Baby Bath Tub. All have a very small footprint, use less water, are easy to store and still offer a comfy bath for your baby. Both the FlexiTub and the Puj tub store flat, so they are hardly even noticed when not in use. The Puj fits into your sink while the other two give a full sized bath in a smaller space using less water to boot.

-2 BuggUp Stroller Hook- Available for both single and double strollers, this hook will get your stroller safely up and off the floor. Perfect for the back of the closet door, a hallway or the entryway, this handy hook give you a spot to hang your stroller instead of having it parked on the floor taking up precious square feet, being climbed on by your toddler, tripped over in the dark or falling out of the closet over and over and banging you in the knees. Two models are available, one for smaller strollers & umbrella strollers, one for larger buggies and doubles, these stylish hooks are functional, but won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your wall. They also hold a hefty 75 pounds, so your biggest double will hang safely out of the way.

Room2UL_greenie_lrg ROOM2 Ultralight- Until you actually have a small child in a small space, you might think it’s easy to adapt that small space safely. However, it doesn’t always work that way. It can be hard to safely cordon off an area that’s just for your baby whether it be for play, naps or just a spot to sit in when you need to put that baby down for a bit and not have to worry about where he or she might end up. The ROOM2 Ultralight is perfect for all of these things. Large than your regular run-of-the-mill playard, the ROOM2 is bigger, but has a quick fold option that lets you keep it all assembled, but folded flat to get it quickly out of the way. No breaking it down and rolling it up or complicated steps just to move it into another room. It easily flattens and reopens in its new spot or hides away for storing under a bed or in the closet. The extra room makes it feel more like a playpen than a baby jail and the comfy mattress means it’s soft for sitting or napping. The high sides also make it much harder to climb out of, another plus.