City Living Essentials: Out & About

Here are some products that will make life on the go easier when you’re running around with little ones.

Volo_pea_black_3_4_10 Subway stroller- the Maclaren Volo is the quintessential subway stroller, lightweight (with a basic weight of just under 9 pounds), quick fold and easy to carry. It may be little, but it still holds a hefty 55 pounds. Suitable from ages 6 months and up with no recline, this is a great, basic umbrella stroller for getting though turnstiles and carrying up stairs plus it’s sturdy enough to get you through more than one child even with heavy use. Others to look at: Maclaren Triumph & Bumbleride Flite offer a few more options with just a bit more weight or the Micralite FastFold Superlite for cushy air-filled rear wheels to give you a little extra umph over those bumpy cobblestones or broken sidewalks. (see also: Best Strollers for City Living 2010)

IG_Product5 Mommy Mitten- I wish I had one of these right from the get go. A stroller and gloves don’t always mix well, especially when you have to take them on and off over and over to deal with snacks, little hats and mittens, dropped toys and tiny zippers. The Mommy Mitten solves that for most strollers with a handlebar. This clever item is warm, easy to attach and remove, water resistant and has a pocket to hold your cell phone or keys. I used this pocket mitten on my stroller every day last winter and I loved it. You can still push one handed and you will always have warm dry hands. When you’re out and about everyday in the colder months, you will wonder how you ever lived without this one.

Seat2 In the Pocket Baby Baby Seat- this is your answer to eating out in the city with a small child. The Baby Seat is a portable highchair that packs up into its own self pocket, but unfolds to offer a safe place for your child to sit on just about any restaurant chair. You never have to worry about finding a highchair and it’s small enough that you can carry one for each child in your bag or stroller. This fabric wrapper straps onto the chair and buckles around your child turning a restaurant chair into a highchair. You can also use this handy seat in a pocket at home or while visiting friends. Another option to look at: phil&teds Wriggle Wrapper.

Img_detail_vapur Vapur water bottle- this handy bottle is stands when full, can be frozen, is dishwasher safe and can be stored flat, rolled or folded to make it easy to carry with you or take back home when you’re done. Another plus many sensational colors, its own caribiner clip and it’s much lighter than carrying a stainless bottle all over the city. Safe & non-toxic, with a sport bottle top or screw top, it’s a great option for water on the go when you already have more than enough to carry.

SippiGrip2 BoogginHead straps- These paci and drink straps  will keep your baby or toddlers pacifiers, toys, drinks and snack cups off of dirty sidewalks and subway floors. You can use them on your stroller or highchair, they are cute, durable, washable and also prevent arriving home to find out that a favorite toy has fallen out of the stroller. BogginHead also makes a SplatMat that is great for a dry spot to sit in the park or a good way to keep your own knees and your changing gear dry when you have to resort to changing that diaper on the wet grass.

Lillebaby-EveryWear-Organic-FrontFacingIn-LR Baby Carrier- A great way to get through the city with a baby or even a toddler is with a baby carrier. You can skip the stroller and just walk wherever you need to go without worrying about stairs, turnstiles or shoving your way through crowds. Finding the right carrier for you and your child is the most important step, please see our Carriers in the City post for a more complete rundown. In the meantime, 2 great carriers that will get you around the city are the Líllébaby EveryWhere Organic- a multi-position carrier that is adaptable for infants through toddlers, lightweight, comfortable and easy to use and the BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier- it’s exactly what it says it is, an amazingly comfortable carrier, for your bigger babies and up.