How to Host a Great Halloween Party for Kids

DSC00493 Hosting a successful Halloween party for kids takes a lot of effort and work. The payoff however can be amazing. Watching kids get messy, scared and hopped up on sugar can be a satisfying feeling when all is said and done. Here are our ideas for how to host a successful halloween party for kids.


Halloween Bingo

Halloween bingo There is no doubt about it, kids love bingo. Create a spooky bingo card with characters from horror movies and print out as many copies as you have guests. Take out your change jar and use coins as markers. The winner of each bingo game is allowed to keep al of the money on their own card.


Hay Pile of Candy

Hay pile If you have an outdoor space that you can utilize for your party then be sure to include the hay pile in your festivities. Go to your local nursery and buy 2 bushels of hay, lay them out in a big pile and spread candy throughout. Kids can go two at a time for 30 seconds to find goodies.



Mummy Race

Mummy game The Mummy Race is a Halloween party classic. Take as many rolls of toilet paper as you think you will need for your guests and break the children up into teams of 3-4. Ask them to pick a Mummy to wrap and set the timer for 4 minutes. Award a winner for the fastest mummy wrap and the best looking.


Gooey Search

Gooey box Children love to hate rummaging around gooey and gross stuff in search of items. Take shoe boxes and black garbage bags, and fill with cooked spaghetti. Cut a hand sized hole in the garbage bag and tell the children that they must stick their hands into the boxes of “guts” and find items that are hidden inside. Hide plastic spiders, chicken bones, and other spooky items for kids to find.


Movie Prop Game

DSC00432 Divide the kids into 3-4 person teams and give each team a bag filled with props. A prop can be anything from a plastic kitchen spoon to a scary Halloween mask. Ask each team to make up a skit to perform in front of their friends.  Give out awards for the best stunt, best actor, best death, etc.



What to Eat

Monster cupcake Serve spooky cupcakes, ghost shaped rice krispie treats, blood red punch, or if you want to go crazy, try out a kitty litter cake.