Astoria Market – Local Holiday Shopping in Queens

2010-11-07_13-50-03_608The Astoria Market opened today at Bohemian Hall to a roaring success of stroller traffic and shoppers everywhere. In order to really judge the quality of the Market however, I made sure to bring one of Astoria's harshest shopping critics, 4 year old Lilly. Lilly lives in Astoria and is a big fan of princesses, fairies, and everything that sparkles. I met her at the Beer Garden and she sampled sweets, shopped and gave her opinion on just about everything.

"Is that Chocolate?" Lilly asked when looking at the absolutely delicious looking soaps2010-11-07_13-18-41_999  form Maathematics Natural Body Care. Made locally these scrumptious soaps offer bars like Lemon Poppy-seed, Sweet Orange and more for $5.50 each. As we made our way through the large open space filled with local vendors we came along Amigurumi Kingdom which sells a charming selection of crocheted animals. "Look! it's a lollipop!" said Lilly "I want it!" $6 bought Lilly her very own crocheted pink lollipop with a face on it, and on we went to the next vendor.

2010-11-07_13-21-31_61 Passing right by the very cool Astoria Tee Shirts and cork and silver jewelry by Tam Aura we b lined straight toward the table for Sparkle Obsession. This magical island of sparkly rings and necklaces made Lilly's eyes light up. We found a tiny blue ring that gleamed like a prism and I slipped it onto Lilly's hand, we also looked at the Cinderella necklace which had a crystal heart, slipper, and coach charm. We also chatted with the owners of Sew Moni who are opening a store in Ridgewood Queens just before Christmas that will sell vintage 2010-11-07_13-17-42_569items and have sewing and craft classes for adults and kids and I even bought myself a sterling silver ring from Stars for Sydell. Among Lilly's list of favorites inside the Astoria Market were also Honey Pie Tree who sell bean bag dolls and the chocolate covered cake lollipop (not to be confused with the crocheted lollipop) from a sweets vendor. All in all Lilly and I had a good time shopping together and we walked out with our goodies only having spent $30 between us.

2010-11-07_13-39-58_699"So Lilly, how did you like the Astoria Market?" I said as we were making our way our into the brisk fall air. "I liked it!" said Lilly while double fisting her lollypops.



Where is the Astoria Market?

29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102
Sundays from 12pm-5pm

More Photos from the Market:

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