Little Red, a Fairytale in Rhythm and Rhyme at the Queens Theatre

The Queens Theatre in the Park featured another installment in their Kids Corner series yesterday. The World Dance Theatre brought their show, Little Red, a Fairytale in Rhythm and Rhyme, to life on the main stage. They told the story of Little Red Riding Hood through dance. Specifically, they used traditional dances from various countries like Canada, Ireland, Taiwan, Argentina, and the United States.

Paired with a simple, easy to follow narration, and live music accompaniment by way of Kenny Kosek, one of the most recorded fiddlers in America, the four main characters – the Wolf, Woodsman, Little Red, and her Grandmother – danced through the story, which was suitable for all ages, much to the delight of the children in the audience. At only an hour long without an intermission, the show kept the attention of the little ones and adults alike.

With each professional dancer having a staggering list of credits to his and her name, the dances were effortless and graceful, and included tap, Irish step dancing, and a form of Tai Chi. The focus of the World Dance Theatre in general is to show harmony between all races and cultures through dance. In addition to their list of performances, they also offer residencies and after school programs dedicated to teaching unity through dances from around the world. They have different themed and sized assembly shows intended for teaching the different customary dances in schools as well.

The Kids Corner series of shows at the Queens Theatre in the Park is in full swing. Visit their website at for a list of upcoming shows, like The Nutcracker, or to purchase tickets. To find out more information about the World Dance Theatre and about the programs they have to offer your family, or to possibly donate your time or money in support of their programs, visit their website at

 Jesseca Stenson