Supper Club Dinner in Astoria

IMG_7489 On Sunday evening I took my family to an undisclosed location in Astoria Queens where we sat down for one of the best meals of our lives. Along with 18 other people, we gathered for a social sit down meal at Astoria’s popular Sunday Night Dinner supper club to celebrate the marathon and eating French food. “I’m totally running in the marathon next year but this year I am eating French Bistro food” read the menu.

Tamara Reynolds and her husband Karl spend all day preparing for the large group of strangers who come walking through their doors every week for dinner (not always occuring on Sundays). This Sunday the menu, which is written in brown craft paper IMG_7478 on a closet door, was baked eggs with sherried cream, mushrooms and spinach, celery root remoulade, carrots and fennel confit with orange bitter greens salad, potato galette and short ribs provincial. An absolute feast that could only be eaten slowly and with many glasses of wine. We arrived with both kids at 5pm and were immediately greeted with big smiles, a warm home, pate and wine. Max liked the pate and got herself a glass of apple cider while the baby munched on some French bread. We hung out by candle light engaging in adult conversation (something so rare in my parenting life) and were able to let the kids run around in the home turned restaurant. The food came out in waves being served IMG_7485 by a pregnant friend of Tamaras and didn't stop until we fealt like our stomachs were going to burst. The baked egg and spinach was fantastic and the baby liked feeding herself with the large spoon that was provided us. The meal lasted about three hours from start to finish and we were home in time for bed. Supper club dining has become very popular over the past few years and I can see why, when attending one with my family. The low key no pressure atmosphere is a great alternative to restaurant dining not to mention the low cost for a five course meal. Here are some FAQ's about supper clubs and maybe, just maybe, a way to find one.

What exactly is a supper club?

A supper club is typically a home or private venue that serves food. In this case we were in Tamara’s home where she serves a delicious weekly feast to many satisfied patrons.

How much does it cost?

This particular club costs $40 per person and you must bring a bottle of wine. You pay in cash in a box which is set out for payment.

How do I attend?

The supper club is by email invite only and you must be on the mailing list in order to be notified when the next dinner will be. You can find out about the dinners here.

Are kids allowed?

There were no other kids at the dinner but our two. You must ask to bring children and make sure that they are well behaved. This is a great local date night outing if you do have a sitter as well.

More Photos from the Dinner:

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