Winter Birthday Party Ideas in Queens

It’s cold outside and the weather leaves much to be desired when it comes to throwing a birthday party for your kiddy. There are many options in the city to enjoy a birthday party in the colder months. From an ice skating birthday to bouncing around indoors at Gymboree, we have some ideas for how to make your child’s winter birthday a special one.  

Baby and Toddler

Play inside for an active toddler birthday

Party at Gymboree

Little Kids

Have a Nutcracker Birthday at the Queens Theatre

Become a Mad Scientist

Have an Ice Skating Birthday

Cook up a storm in Forest Hills

Ride horses in Forest Park

Big Kids


Live like Eloise for a day! Take you tween to a hotel with 3-5 of their closest friends for a night of swimming, movie watching, and room service ordering.

Have a shopping spree at the mall