Review: The Ohmies Morning Wish Garden

My fantasy loving four year old, Lily,  and I got the special opportunity to visit Ohmland on Saturday- a mystical world where the moon speaks to you and butterflies can sing and do sun salutations. We went to see The Ohmies: Morning Wish Garden an interactive, musical experience created for kids 3-8.  The show follows the adventures of Bella the Butterfly and her brother Carlin the Caterpillar as they attempt to surprise the sun and see their wish garden bloom.  
They are guided by the very wise Mrs. Moon, who speaks with a fabulous New Yawk accent.  They encounter friends on the way, as the audience learns to hop like a grasshopper, slither like a snake, and fly like a butterfly. The show is performed in an open theater space covered in antimicrobial mats. Children (and adults!) are encouraged to interact with the cast and participate in the yoga based movement.  This mom even broke a sweat during Gisbert the grasshopper’s lesson on hopping (in my defense, I was wearing a sweater).
“We’re planning to do for health and wellness what Sesame Street has done for education and imagination,” says Seth A. Goldstein, Producer and General Manager. “It’s an ambitious goal, and I’m certain we can achieve it,” “We have an advisory committee that has helped us develop an educational curriculum that makes The Ohmies: Morning Wish Garden as enriching as it is entertaining by focusing on healthy physical activities as well as emotional and social lessons.”
The set was impressive- a little Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Dora the Explorer- and elicited gasps of joy from Lily. The original music was catchy and cute, and the cast was warm and gracious at the meet and greet after the performance.  Lily LOVED this show. She won’t stop talking about it and has already made Bella the Butterfly a “special card” and is planning an imaginary tea party for her. It’s worth taking the trip into Manhattan to experience something truly special.
The Ohmies: Morning Wish Garden is playing in a limited engagement at The Daryl Roth Theatre at 101 East
15th Street in Union Square, New York City. The show is 55 minutes long.
For more information and to purchase tickets visit
Jeanette Sussi Sten