Gymboree in Forest Hills: More Than Mommy and Me Classes

Gymboree made a difference for my kid. When my daughter was 11 months old, she was diagnosed with hypotonia (a.k.a. low muscle tone). I had her evaluated through Early Intervention, she qualified for services, and started with therapy right away. However, it was highly recommended that we also put her in a gym class immediately. At that point, we were a single income household, and a gym class was not something we thought we could afford. I was distraught. After all, my sweet little baby had a problem and I was desperate to get her in a class to help fix it.

Then I called Gymboree. I spoke to MaryAnn, the owner of the Gymboree Play and Learn in Forest Hills, Bayside, and several other locations in NY and CT. I told her my story with a crack in my voice. She was genuinely concerned for my girl and told me she would work with our family so that we could start attending classes immediately. It was two years ago, but I will never forget what she told me, “Our children come first. Always. We’ll work out the details later.”
Within one month of starting classes at Gymboree, and Physical Therapy, Julia was sitting up from lying down, rolling over, and pulling up. One month! In the time we were there, her confidence shot up, as did her skill sets and coordination. She loved the music, the pretend play, the open gym; actually, she loved it all. “Miss Kristy” (her teacher) was one of her first two-word phrases! We even had her birthday party there, which was fantastic. We definitely had our favorite teachers but everyone knew Julia’s name and the whole staff was genuinely happy to see her at the door.
I would never have imagined that Gymboree, a company so big, would be so intimate, but for us, it was the most wonderful place. I truly believe that it was a big reason why Julia is now meeting all of her milestones, and, at three, is climbing the monkey bars, jumping high, and running up and down stairs with the best of them!

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By Randi Madrid