Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

You definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift this year, especially if you embrace your new best friend: your local craft store. These ideas are easy and relatively inexpensive, but are packed with love.

Homemade Jewelry Box
Don’t freak out: you’re not going to buy pieces of wood to nail together using the “blueprints” in your head. Most craft stores have sections dedicated to crafts made of unfinished wood, like boxes, step stools, or display shelves for collectibles. Once you find the right size or shape for the jewelry box, the rest couldn’t be simpler. You’ll need paint brushes, paint, a piece of felt from the fabric section (one that you feel will most compliment the color paint you chose), scissors, and glue. Although a hot glue gun would work best, if you’re not comfortable with your crafting abilities, it’s not worth the potential burn. Next, cut out the felt so you can line the inside of the box completely, and glue it in. Then, the kids can channel their inner artist and paint the outside of the box to their hearts’ content. Viola- homemade jewelry box, perfect for anyone in the family, even men, who probably could use somewhere to keep their watches and cufflinks.
Homemade Bracelets/Necklaces
A great craft for older kids, your local craft store may also have a section of beads and charms. Once you pick out the colors and shapes you like, make sure to grab the string (similar to clear fishing lure) and clasps. Then you’re all set to create a unique, priceless, and incredibly thoughtful piece of jewelry.
There are few things as sentimental as photographs. Take a walk through the scrapbooking aisles at the craft store and you’ll see the choices are endless. You can pick one where the work has been done and all you have to add are the pictures, or you can pick one with blank pages and really customize everything yourself. Keep it simple, though, because the pictures and the memories attached to them are the real stars of this gift.
A Piece of Art
For this, you’ll need a blank canvas, paint, and an imagination. Great for grandparents from their little Valentines, your child will have a blast creating whatever they want, and when they see it hanging, you’ll bolster their confidence and encourage their imaginations at the same time. The gift that keeps on giving.
Jesseca Stenson