Queens Hot Chocolate Crawl – Where to Find Amazing Hot Coco Locally

Be the coolest mom on your block and put down the shovel, bundle up the kids, and head out to explore a different side of Queens on a hot chocolate crawl. It’s a fun way to explore your neighborhood, and definitely a great way to stay warm this winter. Here are our picks for the most unique and yummy hot chocolate spots in Queens.


Sweetleaf- The Brooklyn Import
Sweetleaf uses only the finest chocolate in their version of our favorite coco pastime. They import it from… Brooklyn. Jacques Torres, a world-renowned chocolatier, has a store in Brooklyn where Sweetleaf gets the chocolate for their hot chocolate. With such high quality ingredients, you definitely have to stop here for a cup. Located at 10-93 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City


Il Bambino- Yummy Nutella and Peanut Butter
Il Bambino puts their own little spin on your everyday cup of hot chocolate by adding a scoop of Nutella, a chocolate and hazelnut spread that takes an average cup of hot chocolate and makes it awesome. They also have a cup of peanut butter flavored hot chocolate. Located at 34-08 31st Avenue in Astoria

DeMole – Spicy Mexican Hot Coco
If you like things spicy, be sure to try their homemade Mexican hot chocolate. By adding a touch of chili powder, this kicked up cup of cocoa will really warm you up. Located at 45-02 48th Avenue in Woodside.

Martha’s Country Bakery – White Hot and Red Velvet
With three locations in Queens, Martha’s Country Bakery has a whole list of flavors for their homemade hot chocolate, including white chocolate, and even red velvet, which tastes just like the cake, except in a cup. They also offer a huge, monumentally huge, array of cakes, cookies, gelato, breads, tarts… you name it, and they have it. A visit to Martha’s is a must. Choose the one closest to you: 70-30 Austin Street in Forest Hills, 36-21 Ditmars Blvd. in Astoria, or 41-06 Bell Blvd. in Bayside.

Canelle’s Patisserie – Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Goodness
Another great place to grab a warm cup of cocoa is Canelle’s Patisserie. Their special recipe includes dark chocolate, vanilla, and “secret ingredients,” which all blend together in one delicious cup. And who can resist French pastries? They also offer a variety of sweet treats to munch on. Located at 75-59 31st Avenue in Jackson Heights
With Mother Nature constantly sending us snow, hail, and freezing rain, it’s hard to stay warm when we have to dig out every week. Take a break from shoveling this coming weekend and go on a hot chocolate crawl, we did and we loved it!

Jesseca Stenson