Review: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears at Queens Theatre in the Park

Queens Theatre in the Park continued its kids corner series with Ricitos y los 3 Ositos/Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, a bilingual musical, by Teatro SEA, a not for profit Latin American/Bilingual Arts in Education Organization.
The traditional fairytale was given a new take in this fun, easy to follow, bilingual musical, much to the delight of the nearly packed theatre. In this story, the three bears narrate, and tell the audience about their encounter with Goldilocks, who found their cabin when she got lost in the woods after not listening to her mommy and daddy.
She then tries each of their soups, each of their rocking chairs, and eventually falls asleep after trying each of their beds, as she did in the original story. But that’s where the similarities end. Throw in some talking appliances, a Nintendo DS, and a few catchy songs, and you have Ricitos y los 3 Ositos. In another twist, the three bears help Goldilocks find her family in the woods. Although the lights were turned off completely in between most scenes, causing some of the smaller children to get a little nervous in the dark, this adaptation of the classic nursery rhyme was a big hit with everyone in the audience.
The set of Ricitos y los 3 Ositos was big, bright, and really well done, but the best part of the show may have been the three bears’ costumes. Large, over-exaggerated, and cuddly looking, the bears had children and adults giggling at even the subtlest movements.
Teatro SEA also puts a spin on a few other established stories like The Three Little Pigs/Los Tres Cereditos, where the wolf is a vegetarian, Little Red Riding Hood/La Caperucita Roja, where Little Red turns the tables on the wolf, and Cinderella/Cenicienta, who actually works hard so her dreams can come true. For more information on Teatro SEA and the children’s programs they have available, visit their website at
The Queens Theatre in the Park will be continuing their Kids Corner Series of shows with Madeline and the Bad Hat, Jemima Puddle Duck, and Charlotte’s Web. For information on their upcoming schedule or to purchase tickets to a show, visit their website at
Jesseca Stenson