Academy of the City Charter School

Opened in the fall of 2011, Academy of the City Charter School aims to be a true neighborhood school, servicing students in District 30, and Long Island City. The school will be led by Richard Lee, whose has experience as a public school teacher as well as an administrator; and the school’s board is made up of a myriad of people, including staff from the highly successful Our World Neighborhood Charter School. Academy of the City Charter School is poised to attract a number of students who need the services they offer.
The school is reaching out to the Long Island City community with community meetings that have been well attended and well received. This is because the school’s efforts are directed toward providing a place where English Language Learners can be successful. The goal is to make Academy of the City a “child centered, community based school,” according to Nancy Sills, a board member. Academy of the City will open with kindergarten and first grade classes, and add a grade with each year. Eventually, the school hopes to create a successful pipeline for students that will connect them to the school and community services that will make them successful in and out of school. The school will also offer a wide range of services for parents, including workshops on immigration, in partnership with community agencies such as the New York City Bar Association.
Academy of the City Charter School is also in the process of creating a network of retired educators and other professionals that will serves as mentors to staff and help the school implement educational projects. The school is in the process of negotiating for its own space, and are also in the process of hiring staff. Job openings are posted on their website.

Applications can be handed in at the community meetings or mailed by the deadline. For more information on Academy of the City Charter School, check out their website:

By Simone Gobin

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