Cooking Up Fun With Bakers and Shakers Kids Cooking Classes

A at Bakers and shakersMy children and I recently sampled a class with Bakers and Shakers in Forest Hills. The class was on making healthy fruit bars and my children had such a wonderful time. As a parent, I was pleased about the educational aspect — using math, science, and literacy in measuring, following directions, and cooking, and then even more science when the fruit bars were cooking.  Chefs Marcelle and Renee were so warm and friendly– and instantly had my kids’ attention when they handed them each a spatula to decorate as an ice breaker/warm up activity. Next, each child was handed a small bowl of blackberries. My kids (ages 3 and 5) had never had them before, so I was thrilled that they liked them (they snuck a few to eat). Chefs Marcelle and Renee didn’t stress about that, some of the kids did, they just handed us more.

Chef Marcelle taught the children how to make the fruit bars in simple steps that were very age appropriate. Each child got to have their own bowl and ingredients for each step and touching and asking questions was encouraged. The children added sugar and flour to their bowls and mixed them up (and yes, my daughter continued eating her blackberries with both items on top of them). Then, Chef Marcelle taught them about working with butter (it has to be cold when you use it in this recipe). After we had our ingredients mixed, Chef Marcelle popped the cake into the oven to bake. While we were waiting for the fruit bars to bake, Chef Marcelle did a science experiment with food coloring, water and sugar (she created color layers in water). The kids were mesmerized.

As soon as the fruit bars were ready, came the best party — eating! I liked that the fruit bars were healthy and delicious and my children kept demanding more from Chef Renee.  My 3 year old daughter had to be pried away from her plate –she loved the fruit bars so much! One thing I was pleased about was how easily Chef Marcelle and Renee were able to get my 5 year old son back on task (he doesn’t always pay attention) and the working with ingredients were great for boosting his fine motor skills.. Parents were welcome to sit in (if your child was older, they can be dropped off).

After we left, my kids couldn’t stop talking about the class. We heartily recommend Bakers and Shakers. Check their site for class info– and yes, they do birthday parties too!

Find them on the facebook or their site, Classes are held at the Forest Hills Jewish Center and Young Israel of Forest Hills.

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Nancy Horn